New top donors at Bouw Holsteins!

Bouw Holsteins has add several interesting new donors to their line-up. With for example 3STAR OH Ariane-Red, she is a R&W Rubels-Red dochter from Batouwe Ailisha Salva-Red. Being a Rubels x Salvatore *RC x Rubicon she has a huge pedigree were can be build on. Ariane-Red tests high in several indexes: +2637 GTPI and >3400 LPI in combination with +150 RZG and +295 NVI. She has no holes in her index and solide type measures. Another great addition at Bouw Holsteins is Flying H-ET, a Superfly daughter from a Benz dam x Superhero which makes her pedigree unique. She belongs to the higheest Superfly daughters in Europe and goes back to de MOM Halo family and shows us either a very complete index herself. >2700 GTPI in combination with +159 RZG!! Another great additions to the herd of Bouw Holsteins is an early DG OH Topstone daughter: 3STAR TS Kaleigh with a great German and Dutch profile. Remarkable are the components this great heifer shows: +0.83%F and +0.29%P in her German index! Either her outcross pedigree makes her interesting for several markets. 3STAR TS Kaleigh her maternal line: Topstone x Cidre x Citizen x Balisto x Freddie x Goldwyn. On her Dutch index she either provides huge compontens: +0.79%F and +0.22%P. She has a modern production index with being components more and more important for the industry.

Rubels-Red x Batouwe Ailisha Salva-Red VG-85-NL 2yr. x NRP Alisha *RC VG-88-NL (s. Rubicon) x ALH Australia VG-87-NL 3yr.
US 12/20 GTPI +2637 / NM $ 531 / PTAT +1.40
CA 12/20 GLPI +3445 / Conf. +8
DE 12/20 RZE +116 / RZM +144 / RZG +150
NL 12/20 Type +104 / NVI +295

  • +150 RZG / +3445 LPI Rubels-Red heifer @ FLUSH AGE! (12/20)
  • Sire RUBELS-RED is one of the most intriguing R&W sires in the breed!
  • Maternal sister to the #2 GTPI WATSON *RC daughter in the WORLD - December 2020
  • Grand dam is an unqiue RED CARRIER Cow! Rubicon x Supersire x Alexander x Goldwyn
  • 5th dam is the former #1 GTPI RC cow in the World and maternal sister to Apple EX-96-USA
  • KHW Regiment Apple EX-96-USA is the Grand Champion WDE '11 & Res. Grand Champ. WDE '13
  • Same family as Advent, Jotan, Acme, Diamondback *RC, Armani *RC & more

Superfly x Ekkel Havana (s. Benz) x Peak Heroine (s. Superhero) x Cookiecutter Hattie-ET x Cookiecutter Epic Hazel EX-92-USA
US 01/21 GTPI +2700 / NM $ 657 / PTAT +0.40
CA 12/20 GLPI +3129 / Conf. +1
DE 12/20 RZE +111 / RZM +152 / RZG +159

  • Very interesting heifer with great genomics on production, longevity and health!
  • >2700 GTPI in combination with +156 RZG! - December 2020
  • Great German index: +159 RZG / +1812 Milch / +0.11%F / +0.03%P / 127 RZN / 112 RZR (12/20)
  • No holes in her US index: +0.94 Rump Angle / +5.6 PL / +0.06%P / 659 NM$ / 1.6% SCE (12/20)
  • Same family as DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96-CH EX-97-MS - Supreme Swiss Expo 2017
  • The family of Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88 and Snow-N-Denises Dellia EX-95

DG OH Topstone x MS Cidre Kacidre VG-85-DE x KHE Kanada VG-85-DE x KHE Katharina VG-85-DE
DE 12/20 RZE +117 / RZM +143 / RZG +154
NL 12/20 Type +105 / NVI +313

  • Early OH DG TOPSTONE daughter with super indexes on the German & Dutch market!!
  • Great Dutch index: +313 NVI / +421 INET / +0.22%P / +0.79%F!!! / +727 Milk / 613 Lifetime -12/20
  • As well a complete German index: +0.83%F!! / +0.29%P / +123 RZN / +127 RZS / +10 RZR -12/20
  • Different sire stack: Topstone x Cidre x Citizen x Balisto x Freddie x Goldwyn x Zade
  • Deep American cow family backed by Wa-Del RD Blackstar Martha EX-93-USA

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3882 LT
Phone: +31 (0)341 491274
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