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European R&W GTPI female rankings!

May 1, 2019 Europe offers some of the highest Red and White females in the Holstein breed based on GTPI base. The influance of several foundation cows are significant and dominating in the list, with for example Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red VG-85-USA 2yr. - the former #1 R&W GTPI & RZG cow in the breed and dam to the #1 R&W GTPI female in Europe: Elitestreet Spirit-Red. Also De Oosterhof DG Rose, the dam to the #2, #9 and #25 GTPI females in Europe!! Furthermore we can find the best R&W out of the families of Splendor, Rainyridge Tony Beauty and KHW Goldwyn Aiko. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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CROWNMAX the #1 RZG bull in Germany!

April 4, 2019 This German index proof came out with a new outstanding #1 RZG bull in the breed: Hul-Stein Crownmax. This incredible Imax son notes +165 RZG in combination with +158 RZM and +120 RZE. He is out of the great family of Statons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN and has 11 generations excellent or VG-dams in his pedigree! His dam Hul-Stein Crown Party 2 is the former #5 RZG Profit daughter in the World and is recently scored VG-87-NL with a VG-88-MS as a 2yr. Old @ Rijnhof Holsteins!! This family deliverd many great sires like Mr. Sam, Mr. Samuelo, Socrates and more. A great perfomance for Hul-Stein with breeding this fantastic bull. Crownmax is available through Masterrind. Click further for more info.   Read More

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SUPERSHOT extends at the #1 dtr proven sire in the Netherlands!

April 3, 2019 The Dutch index run came out today and showed some changes in the rankings. The #1 gNVI Black and White genomic bull is Weelder Esperanto who notes +422 gNVI in combination with >2200 Milk and +114 Type. He is followed by Delta Bonjour a Vendairy Sidekick son who guarantees +420 gNVI with solide health traits. A foreign bull in the list is Charles a DG Charley son who claims the #9 with +389 gNVI. Cogent Supershot maintains a great proof and is again the #1 daughter proven NVI sire in the Netherlands with +343 gNVI and +276 daughters in production. The second place this run is for Weigeline Jacey Tabasco with +340 gNVI and third place for Balisto with +337 gNVI. A huge increaser in the daughter proven list is a son from the former #1 Dtr proven sire in Holland (Boss): Vekis Powerboss. He increases his score with +55 points to +299 gNVI. In the R&W genomics bulls list extends also Jacuzzi-Red his first place with +35 points to +420 gNVI!! The #1 POLLED R&W sire in Holland and #2 gNVI genomic R&W sire is Hul-Stein Trend-P-Red, a Rumba *RC son with +366 gNVI. He is followed by the #1 R&W RZG bull Solitar P who notes +365 gNVI what makes him good enough for place 3. Col DG Spark-Red has a solide run and increas his score to +350 NVI. In the daughter proven R&W NVI list is Maxx still at the throne with +312 gNVI followed by Gen-I-Beq Attico-Red who climbs at the list with +67 points to +288 gNVI and 99 milking daughters. Click further for all the Dutch indexes.   Read More

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March '19 intermediate index run Europe

March 12, 2019 The NEW intermediate index run of March is online NOW! March starts with several new chart toppers based on GTPI, NET MERIT and PTAT. The #1 GTPI & #1 NET MERIT female in this run is Vilma 7144 a Humblenkind daughter from the Vilma's @ Milkmen in Hungary. This special heifer notes +2897 GTPI with +1032 Net Merit and also +2.33 PTAT. She can be yours because she sells in the European Masters Sale during the European Championships in Libramont, Belgium. The #3 GTPI female is WEH 46670 a Tarrino daughter with +2848 GTPI from the Ufm-Dubs Sheray family. Also Charl makes his entrance with his daughters Hul-Stein Debby (+2841 GTPI) and Hul-Stein Ellenore (+2828 GTPI) in the global top list. Hul-Stein Debby is also the #3 NET MERIT female this run with +978 NM$. In the PTAT list is MS KD Dassani topping the list with +4.29 PTAT. She comes straight from the Apple's and also sells at the European Masters Sale. The #2 PTAT female is Panda Tacktik Atlanta *RC, she is an early Tatoo daughter from a Mcgucci dam and traces also back to Apple. This great heifer is also a cosignment for the European Masters Sale. Click further for more info and complete rankings.   Read More

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Top PROTEIN females in Europe!

February 8, 2019 The TOP 10 PROTEIN females in Europe are available. Topping the list is DG Eline a Jedi daughter with +89 protein and +2660 gTPI from the family of the popular bulls ELDORADO & ELLIOT. She is goes back on a Montross and VG-88 Supersire to Savage-Leigh Skychief Louise EX-94-USA. Dominating the list is JEDI, no less than 7 females are in the top 10 PROTEIN females! Unique! The #3 in the list is bred by Wetherton Holsteins: Wetherton Jedi Hue again a Jedi daughter from the Cookiecutter Shthollerwood EX-92-USA DOM family and currently owned by Diamond Genetics & Hul-Stein. Click further for the complete top 10!   Read More

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One of Supershot's very best: DG HS Neliza pictured!

October 1, 2018 DG HS Neliza VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. is fresh in her 2nd lactation, averaged >45 kg milk on her first 60 days and she has been pictured again last week. Neliza is spreading her genes around to the breed through her great sons in AI like Opperman and through her DG Charley son NOEL @ Vost! Neliza her Jedi daughter DG HS Nadja is one of the highest GTPI heifers of her generation and already bred the highest GTPI bull ever born in Europe and also #1 GTPI Benz son @ GTPI +2915!   Read More

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NEW top ranking donors for Hul-Stein!

September 20, 2018 Several NEW top ranking donors are in the bars of Hul-Stein! Including a +2751 gTPI & +899 Net Merit Modesty, Hul-Stein Darq Mistery 1 (s. Modesty) who notes +2735 gTPI with +2.35 PTAT, Hul-Stein Glory a Legendary daughter with +2757 gTPI and 928 Net Merit who traces back to Barbie, Hul-Stein Crown Jedi with +2737 gTPI from the Stantons Cameo family and Hul-Stein Dreamstar who is a sky high NVI heifer with +300 NVI tracing back to the famous Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95-USA! Click further for more info.   Read More

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HS DG MERCEDES - The legacy continues!

September 19, 2018 Hul-Stein and Diamond Genetics have bred the new #1 GTPI bull in Europe. HS DG Mercedes is the new name in the line of #1 bulls from the Diamond Genetics breeding program after Chevrolet, Superhot, Spark-Red, Charley and others. HS DG Mercedes has an incredible index with GTPI +2915, what makes him as well the highest son in the world of the outcross sire S-S-I Franchise Benz! Mercedes has a perfect linear index and scores in the top in multiple systems. In fact he is the highest bull in the breed with the following criteria: <6 SCE / >2.5 UDC / >1.75 FLC / >60 Protein / <2.8 SCS!!!! Click further to read more about this new special sire!    Read More

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Stantons Freddie Cameo now EX-90!

August 2, 2018 The well know Freddie daughter, Stantons Freddie Cameo is now EX-90-CAN as an 8yr. old! The oldest daughter of Stantons Lucky Cameo which traces back to the great brood cow Sher-Est S-wind Saturday EX-90 GMD DOM! 2 females were brought here to Europe through embryos, these were Anderstrup DG Calico and Anderstrup DG Cameryn, both Shamrock daughters which made a lot of embryos. Especially Anderstrup DG Calico did good, highest daughter out of her is Hul-Stein Calidero, a Rubicon daughter with +2542 GTPI. She made calves again all the way up to >2770 GTPI and >945 NM $!   Read More

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#1 NVI is 457 NVI!

June 12, 2018 We have the (unofficial) Top 50 NVI lists online for the B&W, R&W, Polled and Type lists which are housed in the Netherlands and Belgium. Some Eurogenes members like Bouw, Hul-Stein and Diamond Genetics & partners are in the B&W list. Highest Eurogenes member in the B&W list is a Kerrigan x Supershot out of the Wilder Meta family with +435 NVI which is owned by Bouw Holsteins. In that same list is a CHARLEY daughter with +419 NVI of Genesland and Stylish P RF with +416 NVI of Hul-Stein!   Read More

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