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Retraitehoeve Nieskje 11 VG-85-NL 3yr.

(Mingo P x Laurent *RC x Supershot)

Maternal sister to Delta Nectar P!


Retraitehoeve Holsteins
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Reg No.



July 14, 2019

Production Records

2.05 305d 8.387kgM 4.8% 403F 3.8% 315P
3.04 363d 13.016kgM 4.9% 645F 3.8% 500P
4.06 26d 1.217kgM 4.4% 54F 3.3% 40P


  • Lovely Mingo P daughter out Retraitehoeve Delta Nice
  • She is maternal sister to Delta Nectar P-Red @CRV
  • Promising cow family with a different sire stack: Mingo P x Laurent *RC x Supershot x Twist P!
  • 4th dam is the famous Apina Nadja EX-90-NL
  • Apina Nadja is a huge brood cow for RZG & NVI index, combined with high longevity treats
  • Deep Italian cow family from origin!


(D.O.B. September 2021)
US 04/22 GTPI +2448 / PTAT +0.09
(s. )
Retraitehoeve Nieskje 16 VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr. (D.O.B. June 2021)
(s. Delta Nominator-Red)
Retraitehoeve Nieskje 17 VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr. (D.O.B. June 2021)
(s. Delta Nominator-Red)


Delta Mingo P
Retraitehoeve Delta Nice VG-87-NL 3yr.
2.08 446d 11.559kgM 5.0% 582F 3.9% 456P
4.00 330d 12.114kgM 5.0% 611F 4.0% 489P
5.00 342d 12.426kgM 5.0% 620F 4.0% 495P
6.00 272d 10.842kgM 4.9% 530F 3.8% 409P
  • Dam to: Delta Nectar P-Red (s. Goal) @ CRV
  • 3.8% Protein in her first lactation!
Nieskje 1 VG-86-NL 3yr.
2.03 337d 10.557kgM 5.1% 533F 3.6% 377P
3.03 87d 3.650kgM 4.5% 163F 3.4% 125P
3.03 305d (proj) 10.782kgM 4.7% 509F 3.6% 390P
  • Supershot daughter going back on the former #1 gNVI cow: Apina Nadja EX-90-NL
  • Already classified with VG-86-NL as a 2yr. old!
Delta Nieskje NC
2.04 129d 2.910kgM 4.3% 126F 3.4% 99P
  • Twist P daughter straight out of huge brood cow Apina Nadja EX-90-NL

Next Dams

4th Apina Nadja EX-90-NL
5th Bersaglio Oman Qualsiasi VG-87-DE 2yr.
6th Bersaglio Mtoto Locanda VG-87-IT 2yr.
7th Bersaglio Corsa VG-86-IT 2yr.

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