Rubi-Agronaut is the #1 GPLI bull in the UK

The popular bull Rubicon isn’t just high for it self, he also transmits high ranking sons. One of them is Mr Rubi-Agronaut who is the number one GPLI bull in the UK, together with ABS Outback, they have 814 GPLI. ABS outback is a Spectre son, and is one place higher as ABS Crimson, who also is a Spectre son and has 784 GPLI. These are the three highest  available genomic bulls in the UK at this moment.

In the list of international daughter proven sires is Mocon on top, this Bookem Morgan son has 689 PLI and has just 5 more PLI points than Gen-I-Beq Lavaman, a Long-Langs Oman Oman son with 684 PLI. Place 3 and 4 have both 654 PLI and are named Shamrock Mystica n Mr Lookout Psc Altadrum. The last bull in the top 5 is De-Su Balisto, the well known Bookem son has 652 PLI.

Check out all the PLI results including Type Merit below!


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