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More lots are pictures for the European Masters Sale, which will be taking place tommorow evening 7:30 P.M. in Libramont, Belgium. Great lots from the best families around the globa with for example: Galys-Vray her High Octane dtr, Alessja her R&W Awesome sister, huge index (GTPI & RZG) and many more! 

Friday, 12. April 2019
Libramont, Belgium

Lot 1.Crescentmead DB Holly-Red

Lot 12. Mattenhof High Octane Graziana

Lot 14. MS DG O'Kadoby

Lot 19. 5 FEMALE embryos by Trans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96-USA

Lot 22. Paeßens Jezebel

Lot 23. WEL Woodstock

Lot 31. Golden-Oaks BY Chacalaca

Lot 35. HAM Aphrodita-Red

Lot 36. Panda TakTic Atlanta *RC

Lot 38. HAM Genius

Lot 39. WIT Snicker Zuila

Lot 42. Nohl Julia-Vray

Lot 46. Gen Frieda

Lot 60. NH DG Awesome Zenta *RC

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