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Stame Atlantic Rhonda EX-90-SW

(Atlantic x Roy)

From the great Roxy family


Stäme Holstein
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Reg No.



July 13, 2012

Production Records

La1 365d 10.718kgM 4.0% 432F 3.3% 356P
La2 313d 10.676kgM 4.1% 440F 3.3% 325P


EX-90-SW VG-89-MS


  • Great cow from the famous Roxy cow family
  • 8th generations VG or Excellent!
  • Same family as the Swedish National Champion '09 & '10, Hoff Roy Rhonda EX-93-SW
  • 3rd dam is dam to the heavily used bull Ladino Park Talent @ Semex!
  • same family as Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92 Res. Grand Champion WDE '05
  • Goes back on the legendary brood Cow Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97, Queen of the breed I & II


Stame Roy Rhonda EX-93-SW EX-94-MS
La1 284d 8.939kgM 4.0% 360F 3.5% 310P
La2 366d 9.524kgM 4.1% 392F 3.4% 325P
La3 365d 10.544kgM 4.2% 438F 3.4% 110P
La4 365d 10.165kgM 4.6% 465F 3.4% 344P
Roylane Jordan (ROY)
Hoff Lee Roxy EX-91-SE
HL 365d 15.919kgM 3.2% 509F 3.3% 525P
La 6/6 365d 12.679kgM 3.7% 469F 3.5% 444P
  • Dam to Hoff Roy Rhonda EX-93-SE the Swedish National Champion 2009 & 2010
Comestar LEE-ET
Hanoverhill Megabuck Roxy VG-86-CAN 2yr. 9*
2.02 365d 16.440kgM 4.5% 748F 3.7% 606P
4.06 365d 22.471kgM 4.2% 946F 3.7% 821P
  • Dam to Ladino Park TALENT!

Next Dams

4th Hanover-Hill-R Msct Roxy EX-94-USA 3E 3*
5th HanoverHill Star Roxy EX-92-USA 2E 6*
6th Mil-R-Mor Roxette EX-90 GMD DOM
7th C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD
8th C Norton Court Model Vee EX-90-USA
9th Norton Court Reflection Vale VG-85-USA

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