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Sterndale Larson Jodie *RC VG-85-SW 2yr.

(Larson x Talent x Jodie's)

Promising RED 2yr. old from Jodie family


Stäme Holstein
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Reg No.



June 28, 2014

Production Records

La1 146d 5.896kgM 2.9% 172F 3.0% 177P (Inc.)


  • Promising 2yr. old from Jodie cow family
  • Maternal sister to Sterndale Sterling Jodie Red VG-87-UK 2yr., sold for 10.000gns
  • Sterling Jodie Nom. All-Britain Int. Hiefer in Milk & Grand R&W Champion UK Dairy Expo '13
  • Dam won R&W Champion Western Holstein Club & R&W Grand Champion Uk Dairy Expo '14
  • Same family as Fradon Encount Jodie Red EX-94-CAN, fantastic R&W show cow!


Willsbro LARSON RC
Sterndale Talent Jodie EX-93-UK 5yr.
2.03 305d 10.892kgM 3.7% 399F 3.1% 335P
3.11 305d 12.780kgM 4.6% 582F 3.2% 405P
5.06 305d 15.349kgM 3.8% 578F 3.1% 474P
  • Res. Champion Calf Western Holstein Club Spring Show 2009
Ladino Park TALENT
Syke Redman Jodie Red VG-88-UK
2.01 305d 11.821kgM 5.2% 612F 3.4% 407P
4.05 305d 12.394kgM 4.4% 540F 3.6% 444P
  • Maternal sister to Fradon R Mark Jodie Red EX-91 an to Fradon Encount Jodie EX-94
  • 3rd & Best Udder Sr. 3-Yr. WDE Madison 2009
  • 2nd Sr. 3-Yr. RAWF 2009
Valleyriver Ruben REDMAN Red
Fradon Rudolph Jodie EX-CAN 2E 21*
2.02 330d 10.510kgM 4.0% 420F 3.3% 346P
4.03 365d 15.076kgM 4.5% 681F 3.2% 485P
6.05 365d 13.483kgM 3.8% 511F 3.1% 421P
  • 23 classified dtrs in Canada: 10 x EX & 13 x VG
  • Dam to Fradon REDLINER

Next Dams

4th Bridon Inspira Jodie EX-CAN 5*
5th Bridon Threat Janice VG-86-CAN 4yr.

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