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Tirsvad Baxter Amaze VG-89-DK

(Baxter x Stormatic)

From Denmark's Nat'l Champion 2005


Tirsvad Holsteins
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Reg No.



May 31, 2008

Production Records

La1 305d 11.597kgM 3.4% 393F 3.3% 383P


87FR 86MS 89FL / VG-89-DK


  • Dam to one of the very highest GTPI Legend-daughters in Europe (12/12)
  • Dam was National Champion in Denmark 2005
  • A lot of family members were in the top genomic rankings


Tirsvad Legend Anaconda (D.O.B. August 2010)
(s. Morningview LEGEND-ET)


Emerald-Acr-Sa T-BAXTER
Tir-An Stormatic Amazone EX-92-DK
La1 305d 11.394kgM 4.2% 480F 3.5% 397P
La 2/2 305d 12.382kgM 4.3% 530F 3.5% 438P
  • National Champion Denmark 2005
Tirsvad Mandel Amy EX-90-DK
La3 305d 12.828kgM 4.0% 507F 3.4% 441P
  • Dam to Tir-An Stormatic Amazone EX-92, Nat. Champion of Denmark 2005
Lutz-Meadows E MANDEL
Norrielake Leadman Amy VG-87-USA
2.01 305d 9.866kgM 4.3% 425F 3.5% 346P

Next Dams

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5th Norrielake Valiant Cheer EX-91-USA GMD DOM
6th Wit-Lane Sawtooth Rorae Glad VG-88-USA GMD DOM

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