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USA | Top 25 GTPI females - 07/23

July 2023
1COGENT B ALANZO CAROL AAltaAlanzo x Captain x SkywalkerLarcrest Cosmopolitan312511651.28Cogent UK
2GO FARM MABEL ETHolysmokes x Captain x SkywalkerGlen-D-Haven Oman Biffy311410482.01Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
3HOGBR121122305919Kong x Circus x CrimsonRUW Neblina311111911.18UK Owned
4CRISTELLA VANITAFrost Bite x Moline x BattleCristella Loretta309712120.53Cristella Holsteins (IT)
5HONLD000885049857Gameday x Parfect x King DocMS Welcome Colby Taya309410232.02R. Neppelenbroek (NL)
6COGENT B ALANZO COSMOPOLITANAltaAlanzo x Captain x SassafrasGlamour Carlin306010451.90Cogent UK
73STAR OH MAKITAHolysmokes x AltaZazzle x KenobiK&L OH Mabel30569222.16De Oosterhof Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
8COL 81826Holysmokes x Zasberilla x CharlCCC Goldwyn Konny30559552.26Colonia Cows (DE)
9UGENIEMagnum x Moonshiner x RenegadeDias&Dias O Man30549982.15France Owned
10COL 81824Holysmokes x Charl x EuclidCCC Goldwyn Konny305110211.79Colonia Cows (DE)
11MOLINOPARFECTLULLABAYETParfect x Positive x BubbaMolino Josuper Christmas30509381.99Italian Owned
12COGENT B ALANZO CAROL BAltaAlanzo x Captain x SkywalkerLarcrest Cosmopolitan304610001.64Cogent UK
13LE COLOMBAIEUpside x Einstein x AltaHothandLe Colombaie304010041.48Italian Owned
14DG HIPHypnotic x Roz x AltahothandWesswood-HC Rudy Missy30399912.09Diamond Genetics (NL)
15WEH 21124Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x DynamoDe-Su 7012303710411.20WEH Holsteins
163STAR OH MAYSSAHolysmokes x AltaZazzle x KenobiK&L OH Mabel30379442.09De Oosterhof Holsteins & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
17HODEU001406903132Bigshot x Miami x PositiveCookiecutter MOM Halo303510501.65German Owned
18DG POSYWendat x Shimmer *RC x DynamoRUW Neblina303310141.69Diamond Genetics (NL)
19VOX 48114Gibson x Miami x RenegadeRC-LC Goldwyn ATM303110201.92German Owned
20HOGBR160131531614Captain x Sahab x Rubi-AgronautEildon-Tweed Explode Will302911081.11UK Owned
21DG LOUISEDynasty x Mitchell x DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan30267683.33Diamond Genetics (NL)
22BONETTI S.S. 1612Pattern x Captain x YamaskaAmmon-Peachey Shauna30259491.81Italian Owned
23HOITA034991390778Lionel x Doctor x AltaAmuletMonica Maya Pirena302410261.62Italian Owned
24CRISTELLA VATEXMookie x Motivated x FedoraCristella Danza302110311.60Cristella Holsteins (IT)
25MOLINOPARFECTLOVEETParfect x Zasberilla x DukeKoepon Shottle Genua30218412.60Italian Owned


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