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USA | Top 25 GTPI females - 02/24

February 2024
1HOGBR582935319475Captain x Outcome x RapidWesswood-HC Rudy Missy321611022.57UK Owned
2SLOUPNICE VINNIE ET 6169Outreach x Captain x RapidSloupnice Vinnie319311861.32Czech Owned
3DELLAROSSA 350Captain x AltaZazzle x MedleySeagull-Bay Manet Mirrage319211891.27Italian Owned
4S.J.K 1059Holysmokes x Captain x CharlCookiecutter MOM Halo318411551.49Dutch Owned
5KOEPON REDLEA RANGE 311 RFRedlea x Gameday x Peak AltaAltuveGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence317011611.73Koepon Genetics (NL)
6KOEPON SHEEPSTER RANGE 303Sheepster x Gameday x Peak AltaAltuveGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence316511601.57Koepon Genetics (NL)
7CRISTELLA KOTHANPazzle x Captain x PursuitArt-Acres Mar Kay 721316310581.92Cristella Holsteins (IT)
8S.J.K 1072Holysmokes x Captain x CharlCookiecutter MOM Halo315911071.77Dutch Owned
9UVEAAltaEsquisite x Hailed x PursuitRonelee Ou. Dabbie315511411.87France Owned
10S.J.K 1081Holysmokes x Captain x Salvo *RCCookiecutter MOM Halo315511111.53Dutch Owned
11SJK 7510Zoar x Captain x CharlApplouis Jet Stream Alda315411481.95Dutch Owned
12MY 70514Peak Momento x Miami x RenegadeRC-LC Goldwyn ATM314510462.03German Owned
13S.J.K 7438Holysmokes x Captain x CharlApplouis Jet Stream Alda314411401.76Dutch Owned
14DG BABITAHolysmokes x Monument P x CharlRainyridge Talent Barbara313511860.92Diamond Genetics (NL)
15HOESP010605582046Captain x Diesel x FrazzledSpanish cow family313311681.71Spanish Owned
16DELLAROSSA 347Outreach x Heliogen x KenobiDellarossa Sierra Eleuteria313210981.88Italian Owned
17WEH 21194Holysmokes x AltaZazzle x BasicRosylane-Llc Jetstream 3461312910571.82WEH Holsteins (DE)
18HUL-STEIN CONCETTAAltaFirsttime x Aladdin x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico312911031.68Hul-Stein (NL)
19SJK 7509Zoar x Captain x CharlApplouis Jet Stream Alda312810212.28Dutch Owned
20DG BESTIEHolysmokes x Monument P x CharlRainyridge Talent Barbara312611471.34Diamond Genetics (NL)
21SLOUPNICE HALL ET 6189Outreach x Captain x Prosperous312410381.88Czech Owned
22SLOUPNICE VINNIE ET 6171Outreach x Captain x RapidSloupnice Vinnie311910552.05Czech Owned
23CRISTELLA VIRT?Kahn x Parfect x PositiveDeervue-Acres Outside Robin311110622.04Cristella Holsteins (IT)
24S.J.K 1060In Our World x Captain x Salvo *RCCookiecutter MOM Halo311011271.44Dutch Owned
25WSH 94015Soysauce x AltaZazzle x BasicKellercrest Toystory Lady310910662.23German Owned


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