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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 02/24

February 2024
1HOCZE000685047921Hanans x Crushabull x MillenniumOur-Favorite Unlimited26983794.072.253.28Czech Owned
2MAVERICK FITTERS ATLANTAFitters Choice x Thunder Storm x DoormanLuck-E Advent Atlanta2152-1313.871.763.59UK Owned
3MAVERICK PEAK HAMMER LICORICEHammer x Undenied x BeemerSavange-Leigh Licorice2363583.861.462.66UK Owned
4PEREIRA PC BULLSEYE O'KAZINBullseye x Thunder Storm x CrushabullDecrausaz Iron O'Kalibra2346923.850.942.92Pereira Holsteins (ES)
5ENCANTO FITTERS CHOICE 944Fitters Choice x Unstopabull x BeemerKHW Regiment Apple2154-1513.821.922.95Encanto Holsteins (ES)
6MAVERICK HAMMERTIME LICORICEHammer x Crushabull x UndeniedSavange-Leigh Licorice2397933.770.813.45UK Owned
7VILLEGOURIO56 6548Milio x King Doc x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple2141-1813.772.252.39France Owned
8ALLWEEK PERENNIAL ASHLYN REDEPerennial x Haniko x DynamoTri-Day Ashlyn2350403.721.643.25UK Owned
9A-L-H DB HUBERTINA-ETDropbox x King Doc x MontereyCookiecutter MOG Hanker29347063.681.523.31A-L-H Genetics (NL)
10C.M.E. ARCHITECT ALEArchitect x Warrior-Red x AnahiemKHW Regiment Apple2185-833.671.832.85C.M.E. Holsteins (IT)
11COLLEENLegend x Crushabull x Hang-TimeOur-Favorite Unlimited2224-53.661.343.44German Owned
12HOCZE000685119921Fitters Choice x Solomon x AtwoodBons-Holsteins Koba 1912216-483.631.592.77Czech Owned
13PETTON DARBY RCAlpha *RC x Altitude-Red x AtwoodKHW Regiment Apple2177-1273.631.682.70Earl Petton (FR)
14HOCZE000685115921Fitters Choice x Warrior-Red x SolomonBons-Holsteins Koba 1912073-2633.631.732.89Czech Owned
15TORENZICHT 3STAR HANNELOREDropbox x Delta-Lambda x MontereyCookiecutter MOG Hanker28626993.590.942.93Mts. Francke & 3STAR Genetics (NL)
16PETTON29 PETTON ARYANEJax x Altitude-Red x Jordy-RedKHW Regiment Apple2300273.561.922.75Earl Petton (FR)
17PETO ARIETA HAMMERHammer x Crushabull x CrushtimePeto Atwood Daurel 223451083.521.533.07Peto Holsteins (ES)
18HOCZE000653026921Fitters Choice x Warrior-Red x SolomonBons-Holsteins Koba 1912254273.522.002.58Czech Owned
19MAISON NEUVE53 BA ULEMAAircraft x Addison x ArtemisFrance family2104-1583.521.552.27France Owned
20HODEU000542657123Legend x Crushabull x Hang-TimeOur-Favorite Unlimited2290503.501.323.26German Owned
21AMENADropbox x Improbable x MarkGold-N-Oaks Mvp Aria30218283.490.732.95Swiss Owned
22POSAL HAXL OLIMPIAHaxl x Monterey x DoormanPosal Olimpia24291903.471.782.90Italian Owned
23AL.CE ESQUIRE SNOWYEsquire x Hanans x CrushtimeSher-Est Prelude Sweet28276153.461.882.93Alcefarm (IT)
24SABBIONA 1005Detective x Delta-Lambda x TatooSabbiona Dinas24562503.451.312.86Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
25MIRC82 UNAYADelta-Lambda x Thunder Storm x Diamondback *RCFrance family2294613.451.662.54France Owned


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