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USA | Top 50 GTPI Cows (>2 Years) - 04/24

April 2024
1GO-FARM BENEDETTA ET 4611Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi318912471.50Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
2GO-FARM BABETTE ET 4615Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi316212081.55Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
3GO-FARM BARBARA ET 4610Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi314212631.22Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
4LANY CAPTAIN EVACaptain x Rapid x FrazzledSloupnice Vinnie313812420.86Czech owned
5GEILES GER√ TGameday x Legacy x YodaSchillview Mtoto Gladd313711911.43Danhof Holsteins & Höven Holsteins (DE)
6DGF CANTARACaptain x Charl x MontanaEba Hanoi313512541.08Drakkar Holsteins (FR)
7GO-FARM BIRGIT ET 4746Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi313511871.93Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
8S.J.K. 1498Captain x Salvo *RC x King RoyalCookiecutter MOM Halo313311781.35Dutch owned
9LANY CAPTAIN STELACaptain x Rapid x FrazzledSloupnice Vinnie313211601.36Czech owned
10CRISTELLA KARLET ETCaptain x Pursuit x LighthouseArt-acres Mar Kay 721312411831.22Cristella Holteins
11B GLAMOUR CAPTAIN CR CARLIN MCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan311211650.96UK owned
12BG TWITCH C CARLIN B ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan311212170.70UK owned
139902Captain x Achiever x JediVilma311211881.13Milkman LTD (HU)
14BELEC 8921Captain x Altadateline x LegendaryFameuse 50311110951.63France owned
15BG CAPTAIN SS CARLIN O ETCaptain x Sassafras x VeronaLarcrest Oside Champagne311112211.05UK owned
16BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN A ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan311112020.75UK owned
17HOITA018990274609Captain x Kenobi x GymnastNH HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe311110961.56Italian owned
18BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN D ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan310911970.87UK owned
19B GLAMOUR CAPTAIN SS CARCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan310911831.12UK owned
20S.J.K. 7113Captain x Charl x FrazzledMorningview Gibbon Judy310912191.03Dutch owned
21ZANI CAPTAIN TRILLY ETCaptain x Dream x Sound SystemZani Shottle Chris310611061.63Italian owned
22HOCZE000535116953Captain x Rapid x FrazzledSloupnice Vinnie310411171.37Czech owned
23DG POPSLambeau x Town x Delta-LambdaWelcome Ozzie Peya310410182.41Diamond Genetics (NL)
24DG LEGITCaptain x Charl x BlowtorchBerryridge Marshall G740-TW310311491.36Diamond Genetics (NL)
25GO-FARM BERYL ET 4627Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi310111201.49Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
26DG SOHOCaptain x Charl x JediWesswood-HC Rudy Missy310111881.14Diamond Genetics (NL)
27BG LUNSER H CREDIT A ETCaptain x Heroic x ArgoLarcrest Cosmopolitan310011071.44UK owned
28BG CAPTAIN SS CARLIN C ETCaptain x Sassafras x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan309912220.34UK owned
29BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN K ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan309612340.53UK owned
30CRISTELLA KARIBA ETCaptain x Pursuit x LighthouseArt-acres Mar Kay 721309511311.07Cristella Holteins
31CRISTELLA KARIMA ETCaptain x Pursuit x LighthouseArt-acres Mar Kay 721309411301.06Cristella Holteins
32DG HELGACaptain x Charl x Answer POBatke Outside Kora309411111.48Diamond Genetics (NL)
33S.J.K. 0875Captain x Huey x SpockRosylane-Llc309411181.44Dutch owned
34BG CAPTAIN C CARLIN P ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan309311410.96UK owned
35CHORUSIC CAPTAIN DAVISKA 38 ECaptain x Rapid x JediChorusic Rapid Daviska 24308911740.85Chorusic Holsteins (CZE)
36BG CAPTAIN CR CARLIN F ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan308911760.98UK owned
37BG CAPTAIN H CREDIT D ETCaptain x Heroic x ArgoLarcrest Cosmopolitan308810491.60UK owned
38BG CAPTAIN CR CARLIN E ETCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan308711540.86UK owned
39S.J.K. 7126Captain x Charl x DeltaMS Kngs-Rnsm Champ Haley308711820.95Dutch owned
40A-L-H LIVELYLambeau x Renegade x JediGlen-Toctin Win Loretta30869582.36A.L.H Genetics (NL)
41DG JENNYCaptain x Redrock x KerriganMeier Mead El Jezebel308511471.15Diamond Genetics (NL)
42B GLAMOUR CAPTAIN CR CARLIN HCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan308311290.70UK owned
43GO-FARM BRUNELLA ET 4796Captain x Pursuit x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi308311481.27Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
44S.J.K. 7146Captain x Kenobi x GraniteMaybelline Tual308311591.36Dutch owned
45HONLD000927222970Gameday x BLizzard x AltanitroKoepon Classy308110571.54Dutch owned
46CAPOENS 427 GAME 1094Gameday x Gamechanger x AchieverSeagull-Bay Manat Mirage308011261.60Capoen Holsteins (BE)
47B GLAMOUR CAPTAIN CR CARLIN RCaptain x Crimson x VeronaLarcrest Cosmopolitan307911361.10UK owned
48HOCZE000535107953Captain x Rapid x FrazzledSloupnice Vinnie307812060.57Czech owned
49GO FARM BABBACaptain x Fullmarks x GuaranteeGlen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi307810561.43Go-Farm Holsteins (IT)
50DG SERPENTINECaptain x Charl x JediLadys-Manor Ruby D Shawn307711030.97Diamond Genetics (NL)


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