Two new EXCELLENT cows at Wilder Holsteins

Two cows at Wilder Holsteins got the EXCELLENT score after they saw the classifier last week. First of them is the full sister of Wilder Hotspot P @RUW: Wilder Herzdame-P who scored EX-90-DE with an EX-91 mammary system. Herzdame-P is a Superhero daughter out of Wilder Herz-P, she was the former #1 GTPI POLLED heifer in Europe, out of Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr. backed by Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE. A family who delivers multiple high progeny and bulls in AI. Wilder Herzdame-P is also dam to the sire: Wilder Herzsam PP @Semex Germany. The second new EXCELLENT at Wilder is Wilder Sally (s. Salvatore RDC). She got the EXCELLENT score in her 3th lactation with a EX-90 mammary system backed by the Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-89-NL family. 

Wilder Herzdame P EX-90-DE EX-91-MS (PEDIGREE)
Superhero x Wilder Herz-P VG-85-DE 2yr. (s. Powerball P) x Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr. (s. Saloon)

  • Dam to Wilder Herszam PP @Semex Germany
  • Dam is the #1 GTPI Polled heifer in Europe (4/17)
  • Full Polled brother scores > 2600 GTPI (4/17)
  • Dam is one of the highest OUTCROSS Heifers in Europe! (Mogul & Supersire free)
  • Dam is maternal sister to Wilder Hektor (s. Damaris - GTPI 2676) 4/17
  • Grand dam is the sister to Wilder Kansaler @ Semex
  • Huge transmitting cow family from Germany
  • Going back to the European 2yr. old Champion '06: Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE

Dam: Wilder Herz-P VG-85-DE 2yr.
Powerball-P x Wilder Hira VG-85-DE 2yr. (s. Saloon) x CCC Snowman Konny VG-85-DE 2yr.

Wilder Sally EX-90-DE EX-90-MS
Salvatore RDC x Wilder Smara (s. Akurat RDC) x Wilder Gerum (s. Brekem *RC)

  • From the same family as Wilder Smile Red VG-85-DE
  • Smile Red was the former #1 R&W Heifer in Germany / Former top 25 GTPI R&W Heifer in Europe!
  • Backed by the Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-89-NL family
  • On the picture: Sanderij Massia Sneeuwwitje *RC VG-89-NL

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Wilder Holsteins
Crosewick 28
Vreden, Germany
Phone: +49(0)15146245204
Email: nobert.holtkamp@gmail.com

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