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Denholme Doorman Entice-ET & her owners
(Doorman x Goldwyn x Dundee)
Jr. Champion Multi-Breed Dairy Calf 2016
Anta EX-90-NL EX-91-MS
(Antares x Cassano)
1st place HHH-Show 2017
Full sister to dam: Scientific Delta Rae Red VG-89-DE EX-MS 3yr.
(Awesome x Ladd P x Shottle)
Awesome dtr from the Debutante Rae's!
Scientific Darling Rae-ET *RC VG-86 - Breed's #1 GTPI *RC Cow GTPI+2129
(Jordy-Red x Ladd P x Shottle)
Top ranking R&W PTAT heifer in Europe! (12/19)
Scientific Debutante Rae *RC EX-92-USA
(Devour *RC x Awesome-Red x Ladd P-Red)
#6 UDC female in Europe: +3.99 UDC (12/19)


RR Mogul Emily EX-90-NL EX-92-MS 5yr.
(Mogul x Shottle x Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90)
Huge TYPE & Show cow


Veenhuizer Zadia 7 TV EX-91 -NL
(Jesther x Esquimau)
Grand dam to Plan Z
Veenhuizer Zadia 7 TV EX-91 -NL
(Shottle x Jester)
4th at the NRM 2008
Veenhuizer Zadia 20 VG-88-NL 2yr.
(Classic x Jordan Red)
Different Sire stack of the Zadia's


Veenhuizer Gold One EX-92-NL
(Goldwyn x Winnie EX-92!)
Int. & Res. Grand Champion HHH '15
Veenhuizer Be Winnie @ HHH-Show 2018
(Beemer x Damion)
3rd place Heifer class HHH-Show 2018!
Veenhuizer Damion Winnie EX-92-NL
(Damion x Jocko Besne)
Grand Champion Libramont & HHH
Wanja VG-89-DE 2yr.
(Jocko Besne x Mandel)
Blackstar his family
Veenhuizer Be Winnie @ HHH-Show 2018
(Undenied x Beemer x Damion)
Grand dtr of Veenhuizer Damion Winnie EX-92!!


SH Jocko Jen VG-86-NL 2yr.
(Jocko Besne x Rudolph)
Maternal sister to Manager
Veenhuizer Blackspot VG-87-NL 2yr.
(Shottle x Jocko Besne)
The Spottie's


Veenhuizer Daisy 2 VG-88-NL 2yr. @ HHH-Show 2018
(Awesome-Red x Mr Savage *RC)
2nd place HHH-Show '18
Markwell Durham Daisy EX-92-USA
(Snowman x Destry)
Great sire stack of Durham Daisy
Veenhuizer Daisy 1-Red NC
(Mr Savage x Destry)
Sister to Alonso Red @ Masterrind


Veenhuizer K&L Nelize-ET
(Balisto x Man-O-Man)
HUGE Balisto daughter!
Veenhuizer Naomie VG-85-NL 2yr.
(Roumare x BW Marshall)
Sister to MANUR
Tir-An Oman Neblina VG-87-DK 2yr.
(Stol Joc x OMan)
Full sister to the #1 RZG Cow in Germany
Veenhuizer Nelleke VG-87-NL 2yr.
(Man-O-Man x Mascol)
Same family as Nele GP-DE 2yr.
Dam: Veenhuizer KG Nela | Res. 2-Yr Old Champion Wintershow Pesse '20
(Redrock x Kerrigan x Balisto)
#16 GTPI heifer in the July intermediate run! (07/19)
Veenhuizer KG Nela VG-88-NL VG-89-MS La1.
(Kerrigan x Balisto x Man-O-Man)
Res. 2-Yr Old & Udder Champion Wintershow Pesse '20!!


K&L Romina VG-87-NL 2yr.
OMan x Jocko Besne
She has many sons in AI
Jon-Lu Talent Regina EX-92-USA
(Lawn Boy x Talent)
Straight out of Talent Regina
K&L Romina VG-87-NL 2yr.
(Dorcy x Goldwyn)
Lovely Remarlinda!
The New Show Queen of the Netherlands
The New Show Queen of the Netherlands
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