Wilder Holsteins sells #1 Rover dtr at +165 RZG @Sunrise Sale

Wilder Holsteins have consigned their greatest index heifers for the Sunrise Sale, Germany March the 24th. Wilder Holsteins has entered 2 heifers with >155 RZG for the sale. They are selling Wil Hugo Kleo P, she is a Hin Hugo PP *RC daughter with no holes in her index: +156 RZG / +120 RZE / +129 RZN and +118 RZS, tracing back to the Wilder K EX-90-DE cow family. Another consignment from Wilder Holsteins is Wil Rover What A Moment! She is the #1 RZG Peak Rover daughter in Europe at +165 RZG from the Jocko Wanja VG-89-DE 2yr. / Blackstar cow family! She combines +165 RZG with +132 RZE and +150 RZM! She is from the same family as Jackpot, Janosch, Janssen, Picasso and Veenhuizer Damion Winnie EX-92-NL, the Grand Champion International show Libramont 2013 and Intermediate Champion & Grand Champion National HHH-Show 2011. Wil Rover What A Moment her 4th dam is Wil Wonne VG-88-DE, she is the full sister to Basical @RUW. 

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Lot 34. Wil Hugo Kleo P

Hugo PP *RC x Wil Klementine VG-87-DE 3yr. (s. Aristocrat) x Wil Kosmo *RC (s. Salvatore *RC)

4th dam: Wilder Brekem K25 EX-90-DE
Brekem *RC x Wilder Kanu 111 *RC VG-88-DE (s. Snowman) x Wilder Kairo 55 *RC VG-89-DE

  • Dam to Wilder Baymax @Masterrind
  • Maternal sister to Wilder Kanu P Red @Semex

Lot 38. Wil Rover What A Moment
Peak Rover x Wil Watt VG-87-DE 3yr. (s. Basic) x Wil Wanze GP-DE 2yr. (s. Lighthouse)

Jocko Wanja VG-89-DE 2yr.
Jocko Besne x Windsor VG-89-DE (s. Mandel) x Miss Mel Ham Leadman Genie VG-88-USA (s. Leadman)

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Wilder Holsteins
Crosewick 28
Vreden, Germany
Phone: +49(0)15146245204
Email: nobert.holtkamp@gmail.com

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