Write it down: La Brasserie Holstein Sale - August 12, 2022

The La Brasserie Holstein Sale Catalogue 2022 is now ONLINE! The sale will be held on August the 12th, 2022 on the Geac de La Douettee farm in Breal sous Montfort. Where in the world can you find direct daughters of cows like: Apple-Snapple EX-96, Fanny-Red EX-96, Blexy EX-97, Katrysha EX-96, Britany EX-96, Jasmine EX-96, Attica-Red EX-92, Lalice EX-92 and more! Around 55 heifers will sell from the best families in the breed, either FEMALE embryos are selling. Like the slogan of La Brasserie Holstein: 'With us, write the story of your herd'. The complete catalogue of this great sale is now ONLINE available.

La Brasserie Holstein 2022
Friday August the 12th, 2022
Bréal Sous Montfort, France

Catalogue en ligne / Online Catalogue: 
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La Brasserie Holstein
La Douettée
Bréal-sous-Montfort, France

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