Write it down: Wilt Happy Days!

A very exciting auction is taking place in Dachstein, France on July the 6th - 8th: the third edition of the Wilt Happy Days!! This sale offers something for everybody with fresh cows, show heifers and embryo packages from the greatest families around the world. For example the Krull Broker Elegance, KHW Regiment Apple-Red, JBT Millehot, Wilcor Definit Magic, Roscow Delicia and many more populair families. You can attend the sale online through Genetics Sale. So write it down: Wilt Happy Days, July the 6th - 8th.



July the 6th - 8th
Dachstein, France
Sale will run through Genetics Sale

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To contact GAEC Wilt, click here or use the following contact information.

Rue du Viehweg
Dachstein, France
Phone: +33 (0)6 16111949
Web Site: http://www.ferme-wilt.fr
Email: ferme-wilt@orange.fr

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