Zwanebloem Ruslana recently classified with VG-86 2yr.

Recently the Holstein classifier had a really large group of 2-Yr Old to score at Zwanebloem Holsteins in Belgium. At least 22 2-Yr Olds scored VG-85 or higher!! A great performance for a dairy farm with a 660 head. Beside being active with type-breeding, the family Masschelyn also has a lot of succes in the index-breeding. At the last classification round Zwanebloem Ruslana scored VG-86-BE 2yr. This Bourbon daughter traces back to the world-famous Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 family. From this outstanding cow are several offsprings by Charl and Aristocrat in the DG-breeding programm. Furthermore her Aristocrat son DGF Adrian is in A.I. at Cogent and she is pictured a couple weeks ago.

US 08/20 GTPI +2739 / NM $ 655 / PTAT +0.68
Charl x DKR Zwanebloem Bourbon Ruslana VG-86-BE 2yr. x DKR Rusty (s. AltaSpring) x Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95-USA 3E GMD DOM family

  • She is the #21 NET MERIT female in the September '19 run!
  • +2739 GTPI // +655 NM$ // +0.68 PTAT (08/20)
  • She carries a great pedigree from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family
  • 3rd dam has 2 high brothers @ Genetics Hokkaido
  • Same family as Explode, Entitle, Endure, Elude, Wickham, Wonder, Emmett, Epic & more

DGF Roely her brother DGF Adrian @ Cogent:

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