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Colton Esperanza

(Colton x Hired Gun x Extreme)

Esperanza... this Jersey is AWESOME!!


Dueholm Breeding I/S
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Reg No.



November 1, 2018

Production Records

La1 100d 2.379kgM 5.34%F 3.49%P


  • Exciting fresh Jersey straight out 3 generations EXCELLENT dams!!
  • Grand dtr to the H.M. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo '10: Extreme Electra EX-95-USA 6E
  • Sired by the Champion maker: Chilli Action COLTON!!
  • Dam has several show winning EXCELLENT sisters!!
  • Sold through the German Masters Sale 2021 to Denmark!
  • In co-ownership with Østergaard Holstein & Casper Worm (DK)


Chilli Action COLTON
HG Essence of Cardinal Vu-ET EX-90-USA 3yr.
4/4La 290d 5.731kgM 5.7% 328F 3.9% 224P
HL4 305d 7.114kgM 6.2% 443F 4.0% 284P
  • Maternal sister to: Kimbles Eletra EX-90-USA, Electras Emerald Star-ET EX-92-USA
  • & Electras Eternal Star-ET EX-91-USA - Res. All-American Sr. 3-Yr Old 2011
  • & Electric of Oblong Valley EX-90-USA - 2nd Jr. 3-Yr Old Midwest Jamboree 2009
  • & Electras Enchanting-ET EX-91-USA
Extreme Electra EX-95-USA 6E
6/4La 305d 7.725kgM 5.8% 451F 3.6% 277P
HL4 305d 8.051kgM 6.6% 531F 3.5% 285P
  • All-American Production Cow 2013 & Aged Cow 2010
  • 1st 100,000lb Cow and Reserve Senior Champion World Dairy Expo 2013
  • Res. Sr. Champion NY Spring Show 2013 & H.M. Grand Champion WDE 2010
  • 2st Aged Cow & Grand NY Spring Show & WI Spring Show 2009
Piedmont Nadine EXTREME
Patrick Felecia EX-91-USA
4-06 2x 305d 5.012kgM 4.2% 211F 4.0% 199P
7-11 2x 304d 4.790kgM 4.2% 203F 4.0% 191P
9-05 2x 281d 5.289kgM 4.3% 229F 3.7% 198P
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