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Top Maiden Heifers

MS Avalanche Highfive-Red
(Avalanche *RC x Diamondback *RC x Advent-Red)
A RED Avalanche grand dtr of HOTSTUFF EX-94
AM Redstream Tally-Red
(Redstream x Colt P x Advent)
Grand dtr of Milksource DTY Tanya-Red EX-94!!
KWH Goldina-Red
(Mogul x Braxton x Pronto)
Unique Red Mogul dtr!
Mox Solomon Ragstar
(Solomon x Capital Gain x Yorick)
Classwinner Danish National Show '18
GS Ruegruet Atlee
(Gold Chip x Jasper x Goldwyn)
The best from the Atlee's
HAM Doorman Treasure
(Doorman x Goldwyn x Durham)
Doorman granddtr from Durham Treasure EX-96!!
Siepermanns Ariana
(Archrival x Doorman x Arianna EX-94)
PTAT > 3.00 Grand dtr from BVK Arianna EX-94!
Siepermanns Doorman Luisa
(Doorman x Goldwyn x Dundee)
Lohmann Dempsey Rose
(Dempsey x Durham x Roy)
Dempsey with 14 EX-dams!!
Bunte EX-94-DE
(Diamondback x Goldwyn x Formation)
Diamondback going back on Bunte EX-94!
Grand dam: Mox Gibson Dreamline EX-90-DE
(Atwood x Mascalese x Gibson)
Atwood from the Dream EX-93 family!
WI Beemer Felli
(Delight x Beemer x Delta)
Huge PTAT heifer: +4.29 PTAT (12/18)

Black and White Cows

Hellender Aftershock Galena EX-92-CH EX-94-MS
(Aftershock x Goldwyn x Juror)
Aftershock grand dtr of JURGOLIN EX-92!!
Engelkes Gold Chip Georgie VG-86-DE VG-87-MS 2yr.
(Gold Chip x Sanchez x Goldwyn)
Gold Chip dtr of Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE
Mox Goldwyn Cleopatra VG-85-DE VG-86-MS 2yr.
(Goldwyn x Dundee x Jolt)
A GOLDWYN from Dundee Cleo EX-93!!
Daughter: Wiesenfeld Lotus Joy-Red
(Joyboy-Red x Kite *RC)
Dam to Joy-Red: Res. Jr. Champion R&W Swiss Expo!
Dam: Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda EX-92
(Sympatico x Shottle)
Sister to DOORMAN!
Gin Lausan VG-89-DK 3yr.
(Mascalese x Krusader)
The Laurie Sheik cow family
Mollengarden Goldsun Ella 2155 EX-94-DK
(Goldsun x Zenith x Laudan)
Grand Champion Aulum Show '15
Dueholm Lady Rae EX-91-DK EX-91-MS
(Acme x Goldwyn)
Early Acme daughters from a great American family
DKR Bize VG-89-DK 3yr.
(Jeeves x Shottle)
Straight out of Bizou!
Vliek Mc Mitty *P
(McCutchen x Mitey P)
Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza
(Contrast x Belfast Godlwyn Lasenza EX-93-CAN)
Direct daughter of LASENZA!!!

Red and White Cows

Double-M Manga VG-89-DK 3yr.
(Joyboy x Talent x Maryrose EX-90!)
Fantastic 2-yr. old R&W Show Cow
Dam: Rocca-DG Barka *RC *PO VG-85-BE 2yr.
(O'Kalif-Red x Parma PP)
Marla Miss Scarlett-Red VG-88-DK 2yr.
(Mr Burns x Paradox)
Fantastic R&W Show family
Dueholm Savard Gabi Red EX-92-DK EX-94-MS
(Savard x Canvas)
Grand Champion R&W Midtwest Farmshow '17
Hautpre Rudbeckie Regiment EX-92-CAN 3E
(Lawn Boy x Regiment)
POLLED from a fantastic Show Cow
DKR Samira Red
(Perfect Aiko x Larson)
RED from the Splendor cow family

Welcome at the site from Dueholm Breeding I/S Dueholm Breeding I/S is a company which is a drioven seperately from the farm financially. Otherwise the cows and heifers have the same conditions as the rest of the herd. We are at this point only milking 2 times per day, the average milkproduction from the 260 milkingcows we currently milking is 13.500 kg milk per cow with 3.8% fat and 3.4% protein. We don't have a flushingprogramm on the farm, but we flush after demand and without demand, if we feel a cow or heifer is underrated regarding the demand.

Article HI
Article HI
Type included the total package
Type included the total package
Current Stars from Dueholm
Current Stars from Dueholm
Exclusive Opportunity HMSale'12
Exclusive Opportunity HMSale'12
Succesful Genomic Sires
Succesful Genomic Sires
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