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Engelkes Gold Chip Georgie EX-91-DK EX-93-MS

(Gold Chip x Sanchez x Goldwyn)

Gold Chip dtr of Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE


Dueholm Breeding I/S
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Reg No.



October 2, 2015

Production Records

305d 14.316kgM 750F 447P (proj)


EX-91-DK EX-93-MS


  • Fresh GOLD CHIP of the one and only Giessen Sand Goerdy EX-90-DE!!
  • Dam was: HM. Jr. Champion Heifer Show Alsfeld 2012, 3rd in her section at the Swiss Expo 2013
  • SAN GOERDY also participated at the European Championships Colmar '16
  • Grand dam was 2nd in her section at the National HHH Show 2012
  • Great Show family - Canadian from origin
  • Goes back on the fantastic Show winner Penlow Outside Georgette EX-96-CAN


Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP
Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE
3/2La 305d 10.848kgM 3.6% 385F 3.2% 343P
HL1 305d 11.149kgM 3.6% 396F 3.2% 358P
  • Champion Milking-Heifer Show Tarmstedt 2014
  • HM. Jr. Champion Heifer Show Alsfeld 2012
  • 3rd in her section at the Swiss Expo 2013
  • Dam was 2nd in her section at the National HHH Show 2012
Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ
Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL EX-93-MS
2.05 305d 10.426kgM 4.4% 462F 3.5% 363P
4.03 305d 12.338kgM 4.3% 530F 3.7% 453P
6.08 305d 15.030kgM 4.2% 636F 3.3% 500P
8.01 305d 14.831kgM 4.1% 614F 3.4% 504P
2390d 91.714kgM 4.4%F 3.6%P
  • One of the greatest show cows in the Giessen Holsteins herd in the Netherlands
  • 2nd place National NRM Show '14 & National HHH Show '12
  • Res. 2-Yr. Old Champion Wintershow Pesse '11
Braedale GOLDWYN
Nipponia EDR RD Grace EX-94-USA 2E
2.07 305d 9.664kgM 3.5% 343F 3.3% 323P
4.03 365d 14.002kgM 4.0% 554F 3.1% 440P
5.11 365d 20.248kgM 3.9% 788F 3.0% 599P
7.07 307d 11.127kgM 4.8% 529F 3.0% 334P
  • 2nd Int. Calf Dufferin & Wellington 2006
  • (s. Regancrest Dundee)

Next Dams

4th Penlow Outside Georgette EX-96-CAN 2E 14*
5th Penlow Georgie Dragoon EX-CAN 3E 8*
6th Penlow Ada Clyde VG-87-CAN

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