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Riebli's Avalanche Twinkle *RC

(Avalanche *RC x Defiant *RC x Debonair-Red)

TANG her +128 ITP AVALANCHE *RC daughter!!


Dueholm Breeding I/S
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Reg No.



November 30, 2020

Genomic Result

CH 04/23 ISET +1077


  • Avalanche *RC (not availabe in Europe) dtr of the Res. Int. Champion R&W WDE: TANG EX-94!!
  • Testing +128 ITP in combination with +1077 ISET & +110 IPL in the Swiss System! (04/23)
  • Dam Tang also won: H.M. Senior Champion Midwest Spring National R&W Show 2019,
  • All-American R&W Senior 3-Yr Old 2017, H.M. Grand Champion Midwest Spring B&W Show 2017,
  • Reserve All-American R&W Senior 2-Year-Old 2016 & more!
  • Going back on the Res. Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair: Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi EX-96-USA
  • Same family as: Oak-Ridge-K GChip Turbo - Res. Int. & H.M. Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2021


Dymentholm Mr Apples AVALANCHE *CV *RC
Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red EX-94-USA
3-05 2x 365d 16.806kgM 4.3% 719F 3.1% 528P
5-00 3x 365d 17.540kgM 4.0% 708F 3.1% 552P
  • All-American R&W Senior 3-Year-Old 2017
  • Reserve Int Champ, International R&W Show 2017
  • HM Grand Champ, Midwest Spring B&W Show 2017
  • Reserve All-American R&W Senior 2-Year-Old 2016
Scientific B DEFIANT-ET
Al-N-Tine Debonair Tart EX-92-USA 2E
2-04 2x 365d 10.006kgM 4.0% 401F 3.2% 322P
3-11 2x 365d 13.313kgM 4.4% 579F 3.4% 457P
5-01 2x 365d 13.662kgM 4.2% 572F 3.4% 463P
6-07 2x 365d 13.163kgM 4.7% 617F 3.4% 446P
1813d 56.663kgM 4.4% 2.520F 1.962P
Al-N-Tine Advent Triscuit EX-91-USA 2E
6-09 3x 305d 13.222kgM 4.4% 585F 3.3% 438P

Next Dams

4th Hillmont Emerson Trista EX-93-USA 2E
5th New-Vision RDH Tropicana VG-87-USA DOM
6th Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi EX-96-USA 3E DOM
7th C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95-USA 2E GMD DOM
8th Alanvale Puget Anetia VG-85-CAN

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