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Huge Genomic females at CNN Holsteins

May 20, 2015 Three new top genomic heifers have been added to the CNN Holsteins website. CNN Command Mala is a +2400 GTPI & +152 RZG Commander dtr from the Sully Shottle May cow family, the family of Meridian, McCutchen, Mayfield & more. CNN Command Darina & CNN Kingpin Daisy are 2 maternal sisters ultra successful Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy cow family the family of Mogul, Supersire, Mardi Gras, Balisto, Sid, Powerball & more. CNN Command Darina has a tremendous combination of GTPI +2562 with RZG 153!   Read More

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Exclusive Robust dtr CNN Miss Amerika pictured

March 2, 2015 Roylane Socra Robust is the #3 dtr proven TPI bull in the breed, Robust is dead and has never been available in Europe. A very exclusive daughter of him is CNN Miss Amerika VG-85-DE 2yr. from CNN Holsteins in Germany. She is from a VG-88 2yr. old Goldwyn dtr out of the famous American brood cow UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-USA 2yr.!    Read More

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Exclusive Robust dtr CNN Miss Amerika is fresh

January 22, 2015 CNN Miss Amerika is fresh at CNN Holsteins. She is sired by the #2 dtr proven sire on TPI base, Roylane Socra Robust (GTPI +2504 with 1173 milking dtrs in his index), Robust is not available in Europe. Amerika came in Europe out of embryo import and is a dtr of Nova-TMJ Golden Echo VG-88-USA EX-MS from the Eroy cow family! Amerika has bred amazing with high indexing dtrs for TPI and RZG!   Read More

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