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Snapshot: #1 GTPI & #1 Net Merit Frazzled in Europe!

October 16, 2018 Lot 11. DG Blake sells in absentee in the German Masters Sale on Friday, October the 19th - she is a spectacular lot, she is the #1 GTPI and #1 Net Merit FRAZZLED dtr in the European rankings, she is a Top 10 Net Merit calf in the overall European ranking and has a stunning pedigree! Click further for her barn snapshot picture and more information!   Read More

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World's highest TYPE / PTAT heifers are SELLING!

October 16, 2018 Some of the World's highest TYPE heifers are selling in the German Masters Sale on Friday, under which: 

★ The #4 PTAT calf!!! Ready to flush!
★ The #5 PTAT calf!
★ The #1 Conf. & PTAT Unix Worldwide!
★ PTAT +3.75 sister to Aristocrat!
★ Top 10 R&W Conformation heifer in the breed!

Click further for a complete overview!!   Read More

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GTPI Ranking of the German Masters Sale heifers!

October 16, 2018 The German Masters Sale offers a great variety of the highest GTPI heifers available in Europe! Below an overview of the top ranking GTPI heifers in the sale! 

★ #4 GTPI Agronaut Worldwide
★ 2nd highest GTPI heifer ever sold in Europe
★ #1 GTPI Frazzled in Europe
★ #1 GTPI Nighthawk in Europe
★ #4 GTPI Fortune in Europe
★ #2 GTPI Magictouch in Europe
★ #2 GTPI Bubba in Europe
★ #2 GTPI Sonic in Europe
★ #3 GTPI Lambda in Europe

Click further for a complete ranking of the highest GTPI heifers in the German Masters Sale.    Read More

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German Masters Sale - preperations started!

October 15, 2018 Preparations of the sale arena has started! We are very excited about the beautiful new location of the German Masters Sale, this year for the first time at the brand-new RUW Auktionshalle in Fließem! We keep working and keep you updated until Friday on the progreSs! Here a small sneak preview of the new place! Click further for a few pictures. 

    Read More

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Movie Lot 144 - GTPI +2749 / PTAT +2.37 Sound System x Rubicon

October 15, 2018 Lot 144 in the German Masters Sale sells in absentee - a movie of this high genomic Sound System dtr is online now right here!  A May '18 Sound System x Rubicon with great qualities in her index: +0.13% Fat / SCS 2.72 / DPR +2.9 / SCE 7.1 / Teat Length +0.41 / UDC +2.47 / FLC +1.37 / PTAT +2.36 / GTPI +2744! Her full brother is the highest Sound System son in the World for GTPI (GTPI +2834). They are from a very deep American cow family with 4 EXCELLENT cows in her pedigree! Click further to see a movie of this heifer.     Read More

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The #1 & #2 RZG bulls selling in one package! Lot 82 and Lot 83!

October 15, 2018 An offering from the highest level, an offering never offered before in a global auction, Lot 82 and Lot 83, the #1 & #2 RZG bulls in the World are selling in one package in the German Masters Sale 2018  (Friday, 19. October 2018) - 2 bulls with their indexes in multiple systems at the highest level and pedigrees which could be useful for any breeding program around the World! Read further fore more information!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Lakeside Ups O'Lelie VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr.
NEW picture stunning grand dtr Roseanne!

October 15, 2018 Recently received new pictures of the incredible grand daughter of Zeedieker Roseanne EX-93-NL: Lakeside Ups O'Lelie VG-86-NL VG-86-MS 2yr. She is sired by the Destry son of O'Kalibra EX-97-CH: O'Kalif-Red and looks absolutely stunning. Her Addison *RC embryos are selling in the Online Embryo Sale. Click further for more info and the pictures.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Goldwyn embryos from the Katrysha family are selling!!
NEW Online Embryo Sale started!

October 15, 2018 A brand new Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale just started! Exciting lots are selling for example: GOLDWYN embryo's from the Katrysha family, ADDISON *RC from at fantastic O'Kalif grand dtr of Zeedieker Roseanna EX-93, FEMALE Unix embyros from the Dellia's and many more great offers, which includes TYPE, GENOMICS and COW FAMILIES! Make sure you don't miss it out. The sale ends Monday, 22 October @ 9:00 p.m. (Dutch time).   Read More

Click to enlarge - Share DG Agnieska-Red @ Hoornaar Show '18
Great day for Batouwe & JK Eder Holsteins in Hoornaar!

October 15, 2018 It was a great day for Batouwe Holsteins and JK Eder Holsteins at the Hoornaar Show '18. Batouwe became with the fantastic Payball daughter Share DG Agnieska-Red 2-YR Old Champion R&W of the show. Also KOE Fabiola had a great day with taking the HM. Senior Champion R&W of the show. Fabiola is projected in her third lactation with >13.000kgM and recently classfied EX-90-NL. She is together in ownership with Dick & Ellis van Zetten. At the Black and White show there was big success for JK Eder Holsteins with JK DG Darlina. This Doorman daughter won the Res. 2-YR Old Championship and is a direct daughter of the full sister to DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH: JK Eder Gold Chip Darling 2 EX-90-NL (s. Gold Chip). Click further for the pictures and more info.   Read More

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HOTEL reservations & TRAVEL arrangements!

October 14, 2018 It's getting busy at the German Masters Sale 2018! There are just a few hotel rooms left, make your reservations now through the sale organisation for a special rate! 
Also for our foreign travelers, we are happy to assist you in your travel arrangements, we have a pick-up service from the airport to the sale place / hotel and back. Contact us any moment for more information.    Read More

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