Click to enlarge - Belfast Goldwyn Lasenza EX-93-CA
New animals at Bolleholster Holsteins

April 9, 2018 Jan van de Wal (Bolleholster Holsteins) is a well known holsteins breeder enthusiast. He bought some real pearls of heifers recently, they trace back to some of the best pedigrees you can find! All three heifers are out of deep pedigreed show families around the world, they are out of Belfast M Goldwyn Lasenza, Birkenhof Rubens Mabel and Wiesenfeld Raider Maryam!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Zandenburg Cashmoney Wanja EX-90-NL
2 New EXCELLENTS at Zandenburg Holsteins

April 9, 2018 Recently two new cows are classified excellent at Zandenburg Holstiens. They are Zandenburg Suran Camilla and Zandenburg Cashmoney Wanja. Camilla is a daughter of the well-known Zandenburg Snowman Camilla VG-89-NL. She is the dam to Zandenburg Meridian Camilla VG-89-NL which was presented the Netherlands at the European Show in Colmar in 2016. Suran Camilla scored 91 points for her frame, 89 for dairy strength and 90 for her udder and feet and legs.
The other one which became 90 points is Zandenburg Cashmoney Wanja. She is a Cashmoney going back on Wanja VG-89-DE. Wanja is the dam to the Grand Champion Libramont ’10: Veenhuizer Damion Winnie EX-92-NL. Casmoney Wanja got 88 points for her frame, 91 for dairy strength, 91 for her udder, 89 for feet-legs. Click further for more info.    Read More

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DG Col SPARK #1 RZG R&W bull!

April 6, 2018 The new R&W star in the breed is DG Col SPARK Red @ Masterrind, he is by far the highest R&W RZG bull in the breed with RZG 162 (6 points higher than the #2)!! SPARK Red will be available soon @ Masterrind and will be one of the hottest R&W sire of sons for the upcoming time. He is not just the #1 RZG R&W bull, but also the #2 for RZM (Production index) and one of the highest RZE (Type) bulls for R&W in the German system (RZE 134). Sansibar test very high in different systems, as he is high for GTPI & is the #6 GICO (Spanish index) bull between the B&W bulls! Spark Red has a very attractive index pedigree for the R&W breed: Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster x Snowman x Bolton x Gen-I-Beq GW Secret! Click further for more information.    Read More

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Spanish bull indexes online

April 6, 2018 Pokemon Clun keeps the #1 position on the Spanish indexlist with GICO +4915. In the interbull GICO ranking we see the bull R DG Neutron on the 3rd place with +4880. One of the most striking bulls in the GICO topranking is the #1 R&W bull in Germany: DG Col Sparkle, this Salvatore son from Masterrind is 162 RZG and is the #6 GICO bull in the Spanish interbull ranking between the B&W bulls (GICO +4782).   Read More

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Boss is number 1 in Holland!

April 5, 2018 That Boss lives up to his name is clear with this last index run. He is the #1 daughter proven sire at this moment with +305 NVI! The Bookem-son is one the best allround bulls you can find, with +1295 kg milk and +0.15% fat and +0.16% protein and great health traits! His runner op is another Bookem-son De-Su Balisto with +301 NVI. The number three in this row is LW Crescendo with +298 NVI.   Read More

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Balisto stays number 1 daughter proven RZG sire in Germany!

April 4, 2018 Balisto remains the #1 proven interbull sire in Germany, eventhough almost all German bulls lost a couple of points, he still remained on top with 156 RZG and 8120 daughters in his index! Closely followed in second place by Mayflower who has 155 RZG. He gained one place instead of Rookie who was the former number 2 in December. He is now 150 RZG.   Read More

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Casper #1 in Switzerland

April 4, 2018 The highest genomic bull on ISET during the Swiss index run is Claynook Casper.This Hang-Time x Bombero is the #1 ISET bull with +1768. Modesty-son S-S-I Modesty Marquee is second with +1760 ISET and Endco Supreme is third with +1731 ISET. This is the top 3 genomic bulls in Switzerland!   Read More

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Rubi-Agronaut is the #1 GPLI bull in the UK

April 4, 2018 The popular bull Rubicon isn’t just high for it self, he also transmits high ranking sons. One of them is Mr Rubi-Agronaut who is the number one GPLI young bull in the UK, together with ABS Outback, they have 814 GPLI. ABS outback is a Spectre son, and is one place higher as ABS Crimson, who also is a Spectre son and has 784 GPLI. These are the three highest  available genomic bulls in the UK at this moment.   Read More

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CHARL #1 GTPI and NM bull Worldwide >1 yr old!

April 3, 2018 A lot of changes in the American April index run, the genomic genomic young sires had all a decrease of -1.4 DPR and -1.5 PL in the April '18 run compared to the December '17 run, which caused changes in the GTPI & Net Merit levels. The #1 bull in the World right now for both GTPI & Net Merit for bulls older than 1 year is Hurtgenlea Richar CHARL (GTPI +2903 / NM $ 1074). He is the #4 GTPI & #1 NM in the ranking of all bulls with an NAAB code, this bulls contains a few younger bulls which are closing to semen production, with Nashville on the 1st place on this list and Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT on the 3rd place!!!  Click further for the complete rankings of young sires.    Read More

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New leaders in Canadian rankings

April 3, 2018 In all index rankings of the Canadian bullproofs we can find a new leader. In the genomics list is a surprising new number one, Leaninghouse Helix, a Hang-Time x Jacey, was the number six in December and is the new #1 in April with 3561 GLPI. The runner up is Progenesis Padawan again, he stayed there for the second time in a row. This Jedi son out of a Enforcer still has 3545 GLPI.   Read More

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