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New European females for August '18 - up to NM 1056!!

August 9, 2018 Multiple exciting heifers from global top level has been added in the August '18 run. A great run for Diamond Genetics & partners with 3 heifers in the Top 5 GTPI of new added heifers. The #2 for GTPI in this list is OH DG Sky Runner from de Oosterhof and DG with GTPI +2847 - she is a maternal sister of the #2 RZG bull Soundcloud @ Semex (RZG 164). DG Eli is one of the very few daughters in Europe of De-Su Spectre, she is the new #1 Net Merit heifer in Europe with NM $ 1056, which she combines with GTPI +2845. On the 5th place we find De Volmer Sabine her first daughter DG DV Sabi with GTPI +2834 (full sister to DG DV Simax - GTPI +2871). Note this list contains the NEW heifers added in the August '18 run only. The complete rankings will be online later this week.    Read More

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PADAWAN on top in Switzerland!

August 8, 2018 The number one in the genomic rankings for Holstein in Switzerland is Progenesis Padawan with +1744 ISET. Padawan is followed by Hotspot P with +1741 ISET. The third in Switzerland's rankings is Claynook Casper (+1699 ISET). In the Interbull list is Altahotrod ranking the list with +1565 ISET and 211 daughters. The second position is in the August run for Pennmanship with +1561 ISET. In the list with Swiss milking daughters is Doorman ranking the top with +1501 ISET & +136 ITP! #2 is Enforcer with +1494 ISET & #3 Lavaman with +1471 ISET. Click further for all Swiss rankings!   Read More

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Malcolm the new #1 in Holland!

August 8, 2018 Today it's index run in the Netherlands! This brought a new #1 daughter proven sire in Apina Malcom an Stellando *RC son with +301 NVI. The second place is for De-Su Bookem with +298 NVI. Vero Startrek comes new in the list with +293 NVI in the third position. KNS Boss notes +280 NVI at the #9 with almost 300 daughters in the Netherlands!! In de genomic B&W list is Delta Recruiter leading the list with +386 NVI. The R&W genomic list doesn't make big chances this run. Delta Jacuzzi-Red is still leading the list with +406 NVI but loses 50 points on NVI! Second in the list is Mey 96823 a Styx son with +330 NVI. It's was also a good run for Alaska, he stands at place 6 with +315 NVI. The daughter proven R&W list is reigning by Schreur Apoll P with +273 NVI, followed by Elagaaster Maxx a Camino son with +272 NVI. Also Julandy made a good run with +200 NVI and already 43 milking daughters in the Netherlands. Click further for the complete lists!   Read More

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New leaders in the Canadian index!

August 8, 2018 The new #1 in the genomic index on LPI is Westcoast Horizon with +3628 LPI. Followed near by Claynook Discjockey with +3621 LPI. At the third place we find an American bull: Peak Altadateline with +3578 LPI. The fourth position is taken by Westcoast Boulevard with +3571 LPI and the #5 is Progenesis Hemingway with +3561 LPI. In the daughter proven list we find Delta on the top with +3357 LPI, #2 Comestar Lautrust with +3292 LPI, #3 Glen-D-Haven Altahotrod with +3278 LPI, #4 with +3232 LPI Mapel Wood Brewmaster and the last in the top 5 is Larcrest Commander with +3223 LPI. Click further for all Canadian indexes!   Read More

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Legacy #1 GPTI & Charl #3 GTPI

August 7, 2018 The new American August index run made a lot of increase in GTPI. The new GTPI topper is Legacy with +2999 GTPI and +1133 NM$ follewed by Nashville who notes +2964 GTPI. Charl increased his TPI score with 50 points to +2952 GTPI he combines this with +1107 NM$! Also Aristocrat is standing in the top 10 at the #7 with +2920 GTPI & +2.90 PTAT!! In the daugther proven list is Rubicon the new #1 with +2828 GTPI & +2.28 PTAT. Josuper drops to the second place with +2802 GTPI. Also Delta drops one place to the third position with +2775 GTPI. Click further for the complete rankings of young sires.   Read More

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VH River the #1 NTM bull in Scandinavia!

August 7, 2018 The new #1 NTM bull in the breed is VH River, a Reflecton son with +37 NTM! Followed by VH Badger with +35 NTM, VH Barista +35 NTM, VH Baylor +35 NTM and VH Brook with also +35 NTM. The highest Danish Red NTM bull is VR Thiago with +33 NTM, with right behind her VR Guidett with +30 NTM. In the polled index VH Monty P stands out with +33 NTM! Click further voor all the scandanavian indexes!   Read More

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Sound System again the #1 in Italy!

August 7, 2018 In the Italian runs Sound System made again his expectations come true! His stays in the #1 position in the genomic gPFT with +4273 PFT. Followed by R DG Neutron in the second position with +4184 PFT. The top 5 is completed by Go-Farm Innuendo (+4167 PFT), Go-Farm Monster (+4141 PFT) & Spring Farm Spotify (+4117 PFT).
Also the daughter proven sires made a good run. All.Nure Poison taked the first position with +3330 PFT.  Go-Farm Inseme Zurich notes +3271 PFT for the #2. New in the daughter proven list is Holbra Inseme Rodanas with +3259 PFT, what is enough for the #3!!
Click further for the complete lists!   Read More

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Legacy the new outstanding #1 in the UK!

August 7, 2018 In the new proofs in the UK there is a new outstanding #1 in the genomic gPLI list! It's Pine-Tree CW Legacy who notes +924 PLI before Denovo 7921 Atrium with +897 PLI. In the third position stands ABS Outback with +866 PLI follewed by VH Balisto Brook with +849 PLI. Also in the top 5 is standing ABS Crimson with +848 PLI. The daughter proven list is leaded by Mocon with +738 PLI. Followed by Mystic (+719 PLI), Littlerock (+699 PLI) & Balisto (+679 PLI) who also notes +1.21 Type Merit. Click further for the complete lists!   Read More

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Gywer *RC the new #1 RZG bull in Germany!

August 7, 2018 It's index day today! Which brought in Germany a new #1 in the genomic interbull list. It's Gywer *RC, a Gymnast son with a RZG of +165. The second place is for Souncloud with a RZG of +164 followed by Garido and Bestday which have both a RZG of +162. Number 10 in the list is DG Eagle with +159 RZG, also Casino stays strong with +158 RZG at #15.   Read More

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Huge RZG potential sell in the Online Embryo Sale!

August 2, 2018 There are some Exclusive and high RZG embryo’s for sale this Online Embryo Sale, the sale ends tomorrow 21.00 PM (Dutch time). One of those packages are #3 Col DG Spark-Red (+162 RZG) embryos out of a high transmitting German cowfamily, the Wilder Meta’s! These SPARK-Red embryos out of a high Bandares daughter, Het Banda Mellissa which has +143 RZG! The other package is Wilder Hotspot-P embryos out of the fantastic dam of the sensational bull DG Charley, DG Candide VG-85-NL VG-88-MS! Time to make your own skyhigh RZG AI bull! The last high RZG embryos are out of the Aiko family, these Wilder Hotspot-P embryos are out of a great red carrier Rubicon daughter, NRP Alisha VG-85-NL 2yr., which traces back to Goldwyn Aiko and Durham Altitude!   Read More

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