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Newest picture JK Eder DG Esmeralda!

February 20, 2018 JK Eder DG Esmeralda has been pictured again, this time after the Wintershow Noordeloos where she won the Udder Championship in the Intermediate Class. Esmeralda has a huge show victory list, which includes a 1st place at the National NRM Show, the Res. Championship at the National HHH-show and more! She is a direct daughter of the famous Carf Emeraude EX-91, from the French Amarante cow family - Amarante was French Cow of the Year for 2 times! Click further to see her newest side picture.    Read More

Click to enlarge - Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90-USA
Exclusive Delta daughter in Europe

February 19, 2018 Mr. Mogul Delta is a global phenomen; he is the highest daughter proven GTPI sire in history, and very exclusive for Europe, his semen has never been available in Europe and his genetics only came available through embryo import. Hazenpad Holsteins milk one of his very few European daughters, it’s HH Delta Sadie! Sired by Delta from a great Canadian cow family from origin, she is a grand daughter of Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90-USA EX-92-MS – dam of Sympatico *RC! Sadie is milking very well, scored already VG-86-BE  with a VG-88 udder and has GTPI +2774 Duke son! He sells in the Online Elite Bull Sale (Friday, 23. February 2018)   Read More

Click to enlarge - Wiesenfeld Artes Regale EX-90-AT
Schönhof Holsteins in Holstein International!

February 19, 2018 An exciting article is published and ready to read for you in the February issue of the Holstein International: it’s about Schönhof Holsteins from Austria. Schönhof Holsteins is the place where many stars are born and housed like Wiesenfeld Artes Regale and Modolino Doorman Dori.  Regale is the reigning National Champion in Austria. There was already succes for Schönhof Holsteins in 2018, they took home the Jersey Junior Champion of the Swiss Expo ’18. You can read the full article in Holstein International or online trough HI’s online libary.   Read More

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FINAL HOURS Online Winter Sale

February 16, 2018 It are the final hours of the Eurogenes Online Winter Heifer Sale - 20 interesting heifers and 8 embryo combinations are selling! The sale will close tonight (Friday, 16. February, 2018,  21:00 PM - Dutch Time)! Some world class lots are available through this sale, including the World's #2 GTPI R&W heifer, the World's #1 PTAT Charley daughter, a Top 30 Conformation Jersey heifer, a successful Swiss Expo show heifer and more! Click further for more information.    Read More

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Pictures of sale heifers added of WINTER SALE lots

February 14, 2018 More pictures of the heifers selling in the Eurogenes Online Winter Sale added to catalogue pages. Click further for pictures of the #2 GTPI R&W heifer in the World, the #1 PTAT Charley in the world, a fresh Kingboy with 43 kg milk and more!    Read More

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Embryo combinations added to Eurogenes Winter Sale!

February 14, 2018 Beside 20 interesting heifers selling in the Eurogenes Online Winter Sale, there are 8 embryo combinations added to the line-up, including early and exclusive conventional TOPNOTCH (GTPI +2888) embryos, Jersey embryos, huge type embryos from a Top 15 PTAT donor from an All-Canadian cow and more! Click further for the embryo combination which added to the Eurogenes Winter Sale!    Read More

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Elsa 3 sells - ready to fill your tank (1st test: 43 kg Milk)!!

February 12, 2018 The FRESH Kingboy daughter Veneriete Kingboy Elsa 3 sells as Lot 10 in the Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale, she is fresh since December the 18th and had a 1st milktest at 43 kg milk, which project her 1st lactation at La1 305d 10.675kgM 4.0%F 3.4%P! She is a very nice young cow with a great future, she has an outcross sire stack as Kingboy x Massey x Socrates x Bolton, followed by the full sister to Snowman and mondial cow of the year (HI): Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90! She proved already she can transmit, her highest gNVI daughter: Veneriete Finder Elsa 9 sells as Lot 11: gNVI +349 and is ready to flush! Click further for more information.    Read More

Click to enlarge - The #2 GTPI R&W heifer in the World SELLS!
Eurogenes Online WINTER Heifer Sale started!!

February 9, 2018 The Eurogenes Online WINTER Heifer Sale has started today, the sale will run until Friday, February the 16th through the sale page of Eurogenes with the TAG+ system: Sale by higher offer and with a buy now price. 20 lots are selling with some global highlights, like the #2 GTPI R&W heifer in the WORLD, the #1 PTAT Charley dtr in the WORLD, a Top 30 Conformation Jersey dtr Worldwide, a successful Swiss Expo show heifer, the #2 GTPI R&W & Polled heifer in Europe and more! Click further for more information.    Read More

Click to enlarge - 4th dam: Rainyridge Talent Barbara
MS DG-TM Pinnacle Balsam new #2 GTPI Red Carrier in the breed!

February 7, 2018 MS DG-TM Pinnacle Balsam *RC is the new #2 GTPI RED CARRIER heifer in the breed: GTPI +2861! She is bred and owned by Diamond Genetics and partners and has a very exclusive pedigree and index for the R&W breed: Pinnacle x Delta x Supersire x Superstition x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-CAN -> All-American & All-Canadian 5-Yr. Old. She has incredible qualities in her index with +2418 Milk / +75 Fat / +62 Protein / SCS 2.75 / PL +10.1 / DPR +2.8 / SCE 6.9 / UDC +2.65 / FLC +2.16 / PTAT +2.65 / NM $ 964 / GTPI +2861!!    Read More

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New #1 GTPI & PTAT calves in Europe!

February 7, 2018 The European intermediate run of February delivered both the new #1 GTPI & #1 PTAT heifer in the European ranking. Jedi daughter Primeval 1359 is the new #1 GTPI heifer with GTPI +2915, 2nd in the intermediate run is a GTPI +2862 Gymanst dtr from DG Pandora bred by WEH Holsteins, Germany. The #4 GTPI calf this run is JW Liv from Joannes & Willeke van der Weij with GTPI +2846, she has another full sister in the Top 30 of this month! The new #1 PTAT calf is Lightningridge Beemer Camill, bred by S. Weide, she is PTAT +4.11 and comes from the Camomile cow family, she is one of the early entries for the German Masters Sale 2018! Again success for Upstream Genetics with the #2 PTAT calf in the intermediate run! Click further for full results.    Read More

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