Click to enlarge - R DG Avira-Red
R DG AVIATOR-RED, #1 R&W dtr proven MACE bull in Canada

August 12, 2021 It's a great run for R DG AVIATOR-RED in Canada! He remains in the top and is the number one, Red & White LPI MACE sire in Canada! R DG Aviator-Red guarantees for +3314 LPI with huge components: +0.76% Fat & +0.24% Protein!! He is an Aikman *RC son from BTS-Avea VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. Avea is the full sister to Gen-I-Beq Inaika-Red EX-95-FR, 2nd in her class at European Show Libramont 2019 for France behind the later Grand Champion PASTEQUE! Avea has multiple more sons in A.I. like R DG Adam-Red, R DG Alphaman & many more! She is also the grand dam to the top TYPE sire in Germany: NH Solito-Red at +152 RZE. As well she was very successful in the show ring with winning: 1st & Res. 2-Yr. Old Champion Opmeer 2014 (Against B&W) and 1st Jr. Heifer Beilen 2013. Her grand dam is the maternal sister to the 'one million dollar cow' KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 28* 4E DOM.    Read More

Click to enlarge - Garay Awesome Beauty
Awesome Beauty 2nd at World Dairy Expo! Get her full sister!

August 12, 2021 Garay Awesome Beauty was familiar in the World Dairy Expo show ring, winning her class as a maiden heifer in 2016 - in 2018she came back as a 2yr. old with the most amazing udder you can find! She won the 2nd place in the very strong Jr. 2-Yr. Old class for this Awesome daughter going back on the All-Canadian & All-American cow Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA! Furthermore was 1st Jr. 2-Yr Old Royal Winter Fair 2018 and All-American & All-American! Awesome Beauty her stunning dam Willowhaven Goldwyn Bliss *RC VG-89-CAN VG-89-MS 4yr. has FEMALE embryos available by AWESOME-RED, which provide you full sisters to this amazing show cow! Bid last in the Online Embryo Sale! Click further for more information.   Read More

Click to enlarge - DG Charley
DG Charley in Holstein International

August 12, 2021 DG Charley and his sire Cogent Supershot are well on their way to becoming Europe's most influential father-son combination of all time. Recently DG Charley appeared in HI's Bull talk partly because of his magnificent son Hurtgenlea Richard Charl and grandson Genosource Captain. If you look further, however, you will see the influence of his environ- mental influence from sire Supershot in Germany and the impressive list of sons and grandsons in Denmark via, among others, his son VH Crown. The chapter that Charley's half brother Salvatore writes for Red & White is also unparalleled. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Spanish highlights - August 2021 proof

August 11, 2021 The German bull Gallius remains as the #1 ICO sire in the Spanish system at +5531 ICO. Closely followed by the  French bull: Pinkfloyd at +5342 ICO. At the third spot we find the Dutch bull: Delta Bartender at +5333 ICO. The number one daughter proven bull is this index run Boldi V GYMNAST at +4702 ICO. In second the former #1 of last run: Bo-Irish CROWNE at +4594 ICO followed by Mr Salvatore *RC, Pine-Tree Burley, ABS Moonglow, Hurtgenlea Richard Charl and Bomaz AltaTopshot. The topping bull at the daughter proven list with Spanish daughters is Wilder Mocca at +4373 ICO (90% rel.) followed by Gefri Apolo (+4349 ICO) and Bacon-Hill Hurricane (+4282 ICO). Click further for the complete Spanish breeding values.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
French highlights - August 2021 proof

August 11, 2021 A great proof in France for Bali son BENDER, he remains at the top at +222 ISU. In second follows FUGLEMAN at +220 ISU and the stage is complete by ROAZHON & RAMSES *RC both at the third place at +219 ISU. The 6th ISU bull in France is S J K HARRY @ AI-Total, he guarantees for +217 ISU and is a Nacash son Primeval Genetics 1372 VG-86-USA (s. Blowtorch) going back on Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88-USA DOM. Also a solide proof for Gen GOODLIFE, he still guarantees for +212 ISU. Click further for the complete French rankings.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
MITCH the #1 Daughter Proven Interbull NVI Sire!

August 11, 2021 It's a great index run today in the Netherlands for NH Sunview MITCH @ AI-Total. He came out as the #1 daughter proven NVI interbull sire this August 2021 run at +301 NVI and 176 daughters in milk. In second follows Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL (#1 dtr proven GTPI sire) at +299 NVI and 360 daughters in production. The #1 genomic sire is Delta DOLMEN at +398 NVI, followed by Delta ENDELSS (+378 NVI) and RBB CROWNTOWN (+365 NVI). The #1 Red & White is Delta GOLDBLEND-RED at +369 NVI in second follows Delta TASKFORCE P-RED at +364 NVI. The #1 daughter proven Red & White interbull sire is this run Col DG SPARK-RED @ Masterrind at +256 NVI and 17 daughters in milk. Click further to read more.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
MITCHELL #1 dtr proven sires >2.5 PTAT

August 10, 2021 He came out today as the #5 dtr proven TPI bull overall based on daughters and as the #1 TPI bull >2.50 PTAT: Aurora MITCHELL! He is as well the #5 daughter proven GTP bull in the top 100 international bulls. 43 daughters, 100% US, based on these he increased for: TYPE, PRODUCTION & FITNESS. Mitchell is an OUTCROSS sire: Tatum Mitchell x Bombero x Mayfield x Iota with great PRODUCTION traits: +1145 lbs Milk / +0.10% Fat and +0.04% Protein as well he guarantees for super FITNESS traits: 2.64 SCS / +0.8 DPR / 1.9% SCE. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
USA proof: MITCHELL the #5 daughter proven GTPI sire!!

August 10, 2021 The chart topper in the US system with NAAB-code is Genosource John-ETN breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3093 GTPI. Her shares the first position with his full brother Genosource Jack-ETN at +3093 GTPI and Genosource Captain at either +3093 GTPI. Once again the leader in the daughter proven GTPI list is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard Charl at +2927 GTPI!! In second follows Peak AltaGopro at +2909 GTPI. At the fifth spot we find AURORA MITCHELL at +2865 GTPI. Mitchell is the number 1 GTPI bull in the breed with >2.50 PTAT!! Mitchell followed by Dedicate, Challenger, Burley, Riveting and Lionel. The #1 PTAT bull this index run is Peak Hammer at +4.46 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2541 GTPI. Followed by Siemers Fitters Choice (+4.40 PTAT) and Peak Highliner-ET (+4.35 PTAT). In the top RED CARRIER GTPI sire list we find again Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at the top at +2866 GTPI again followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2838 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Rubels-Red sons Ranger-Red (+2884 GTPI) and Rocky-Red (+2806 PTAT). Click further for the complete US-indexes.   Read More

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Canadian highlights - August 2021 proof

August 10, 2021 The new indexes from Canada just came in! The #1 LPI sire is 3STAR OH Ranger-Red at +3905 PLI, followed by Progenesis MONTEVERDI at +3825 LPI. The #1 domestic proven bull is either again Westcoast Alcove with +3794 LPI in a great combination with +10 Conformation. The Type list is leading by Walnutlawn Skycraper, Blondin Roadrunner, Vieuxsaule Success and ZBW ZBW M Chuck all at +17 Conformation! The #1 R&W Conformation sire is Mr Blondin Avlnc DOM-RED at +16 Conf. Click further for the complete Canadian rankings.   Read More

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Scandinavian indexes - August 2021

August 10, 2021 The indexes of Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) are ONLINE available now!! The highest NTM genomic sire this August 2021 proof is the Swedish bull VH Swish at +46 NTM. In the second spot follows the Danish bull VH Letsgo Laprice at +42 NTM. The shared third place is for VH Norland Nader, VH Sheik P and VH Bleech at all +40 NTM. Peak TIESTO @ Jestream Genetics is the #14 NTM genomic bull at +37 NTM. Topping the daughter proven NTM list is again Bomaz AltaTopshot at +33 NTM. At second we find the America sire Moonglow at +32 NTM. The stage is complete with the Danish sire VH Bosman at place 3 at +31 NTM. Click further for all the Scandinavian top rankings.   Read More

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