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ViG Grace wins Excellent-Schau in Leer!

March 21, 2019 The Excellent-Schau had this year a NEW Grand Champion in ViG Grace, this almost 14 year old Starleader daughter produced >100.000kgM and is owned by Jannes Vienna. The Intermediate Champion went to Peru (s. Odyssey) a full sister to the Grand Champion of the Excellent-Schau 2017: Princes!! Their dam, Holbra Atwood Patty, is deliverd as an embryo through Diamond Genetics at the VOST. The grand dam of Peru & Princes is no one less than Holbra Bolton Paulona VG-85-NL 2yr. - she delivered two sons for A.I. in Canada and has >3.9% PROTEIN. The Champion of the Young Cows was ZR Edelweiß, this Godewind daughter was last years 2yr. Old Champion of the show! Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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Galys-Vray delivers next star: #1 PTAT High Octane dtr!

March 21, 2019 Only 3 weeks to go to one of the greatest events on the global Holstein agenda for this year: the European Show in Libramont! The previous edition of the European Show won by the global phenomenon Galys-Vray EX-94-CH EX-95-MS, a cow which not only shined in the showring, but as well as a BROOD COW! She is transmitting high type on her genomics as well, for example her Unix son GRAND @ Semex with PTAT +4.20! Another great star from the family recently came back with an index: Mattenhof High Octane Graziana, sired by the very successful daughter proven sire Stantons High Octane. Graziana is one of the greatest show type daughters of Galys-Vray, her phenotype as well confirmed by her great genotype: PTAT +3.62 > that makes her the #1 PTAT High Octane dtr in Europe / #3 in the breed! AND....  SHE SELLS!    Read More

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Exclusive CHALLENGER heifer sells: GTPI +2826 / NM $ 955

March 20, 2019 Another incredible addition to the line-up for the European Masters Sale (12. April) is the heifer BOUNTY - one of the very few daughters in Europe of Sandy-Valley Challenger and with an incredible index, she is right in the top of the European female ranking for GTPI (+2826) and Net Merit ($ 955), has a very complete index with high fat & protein components (+0.18%F +0.05%P), super fitness tratis (SCS 2.69 / DPR +2.5 / PL +6.9 / SCE 6.3) and very complete type with good indexes for teat length, an udder index of +2.43 and PTAT +2.36! And she has a different pedigree:  CHALLENGER x GRANITE x JOSUPER x MASCALESE x DORCY going back on Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA!   Read More

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Panda offers the World's highest RC Conformation heifer!!

March 19, 2019 Great addition to the European Masters Sale (12. April), offered by Panda Holsteins from Molly Westwood (UK) - she sells her incredible heifer Panda TicTac Atlanta *RC - believed to be the highest Red Carrier Conformation (Canadian type) heifer in the breed: DGV-Conf. +20!! She might be the earliest daughter in Europe from Duckett Crush Tattoo - she is his highest PTAT dtr in the World so far and the #2 PTAT RC heifer in Europe til date! She has an incredible pedigree - her 3rd dam is none other than KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA!   Read More

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The Jezebel family continues: GTPI +2838 / RZG 163 heifer SELLS!

March 18, 2019 Meier-Meadows EL Jezebel EX-92-USA is a cow off course everybody knows as the dam of the legendary: O-Bee Manfred Justice (OMAN)! A family which kept developing also in the genomic era. The most interesting member of this cow family in the World right now is recently born and discovered in Germany: Peaßens Jezebel! She is one of the very few heifers in the World combining >2800 GTPI, >900 Net Merit & >160 RZG and also is Kapa Casein BB and Beta Casein A2A2. The best news of all: SHE SELLS > in the European Masters Sale on the 12. of April 2019 in Libramont, Belgium, during the European Show! (www.europeanmasterssale.com)   Read More

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Europe's #2 NET MERIT heifer sells in the EUROPEAN MASTERS SALE

March 15, 2019 Be the first to start the new era of the Milkmen VILMA cow family - a once in a lifetime opportunity will be offered in the European Masters Sale, where Milkmen from Hungary offers one of the highest heifers ever offered in a global sale: Milkmen Vilma 7144 - She's the #2 NET MERIT heifer in Europe (NM $ 1032) and the #4 GTPI heifer in Europe (GTPI +2897), as well she's the #1 daughter in the World of Cookiecutter Humblenkind! Put yourself in the driving seats with one of the highest heifers ever to be sold and from a NEW cow family! EUROPEAN MASTERS SALE - Libramont, Belgium - 12. April 2019 - www.europeanmasterssale.com    Read More

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Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3 wins Grand @ UK Dairy Expo 2019

March 15, 2019 The NEW Grand Champion of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo is Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3 exibited by Riverdane Holsteins and Barmick Holsteins. The Reserve Grand Champion went to Evening Stanleycup Jennifer and the HM. Grand to Beemer daughter Wiltor Beemer Sara. Again a great show with huge quality of the cows. Their was also succes for Panda Holsteins who was crowned as the Premier R&W breeder of the UK Dairy Expo and won the 2yr. Old class with their O'Kalibra descendant: Panda Autumn O'Kalibra Red and took home the Res. Junior Champion Panda Emerald Fools Gold Red. Their was also succes for Kedar Brown Swiss at the Holstein Junior Show with LH Kedar Lindsays Let Rip winning her class and later on winning the HM. Grand Champion of the Junior Show. During the Brown Swiss Junior Show, Kedar Brown Swiss took home the Res. Junior Champion of the show. The Brown Swiss show was also won by Kedar Brown Swiss with the famous show cow: Kedar Rhapsody. The Res. Grand at the coloured shavings was for Kedar Vigor Heike and HM. Grand also for a cow bred by Kedar: Kedar Alino Sozzle. Click further for the pictures and full results.   Read More

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Great classification for Roccafarm Holsteins!

March 15, 2019 Last week it was an exciting new classification round for Roccafarm Holsteins. Several 2yr. Olds scored VG-85 or higher and 15 cows scored VG-87 or more. The new EXCELLENT of the day was Roccafarm Acolade Pp EX-90-BE an Colt 45 Red and Polled daughter in her 3rd lactation. Another highlight was Rocca-DG Uno Breya she scored VG-89-BE in her 5th lactation and traces back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA. Also the Applejax sister to the popular dtr proven R&W bull ESTIEN-RED @ Ascol scored VG-88-BE in her 4th lactation. Click further for more highlights of this inspection.   Read More

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LAST DAY - Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale!

March 15, 2019 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end. The Sale ends today at 9:00 P.M. (Dutch-Time Zone). Great packages are selling with for example: EMALE Crushabull embryos from the Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2016: Lingle Gold Freaky Girl EX-93-USA, FEMALE Darlingo embryos from the dam to Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE: Nippon Gorgeous EX-90-NL, one of the very first FEMALE Warrior-Red embryos from Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss EX-95-USA her +3.31 PTAT Crush daughter, several herdbuilding packages starting at 100 EUR/ embryo and many more huge consignments. Click further for more packages selling!   Read More

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Siepermanns Doorman Luisa wins 2yr. Old Champion @ Agro Nord

March 13, 2019 Siepermanns Doorman Luisa VG-89-DK EX-MS 2yr. was crowned as the 2-Yr Old Champion of the Agro Nord Show 2019!! This incredible 2-Yr Old is a really GOLDEN CROSS with Doorman x VG-89-IE Goldwyn x Galwaybay Dundee Lavish EX-95-IE 4E. Her dam was also successful with a 2nd place in her section during the Tullamo Show 2016 and dam's her full sister was Junior Champion @ National HHH-Show 2016. Luisa her third dam is a full sister to Idee Lustre EX-95-USA, the Grand Champion of the Royal Winter Fair 2002. Luisa is bred by Zuchtbetrieb Siepermann and sold through the Roccafarm Sale 2017. Excited what the future brings for the promising 2-Yr Old! Click furhter for the pictures and more info.   Read More

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