Click to enlarge - RZH Gwen-P Red VG-88-NL
New picture of RZH Gwen P Red!

March 30, 2018 There is a new picture for RZH Gwen P Red that was made during the show in Putten last week, and what a picture that is! The Ladd-P daughter of Henk-Jan Staal knew how to impress the judge an enventually became the Reserve Senior Champion of the R&W show! Gwan was bred by RZH Holsteins in Germany and was sold to Holland through the Eurogenes Summer Sale. Her grandaughter Beeze Oldleus Gwenna P Red shows you that RZH Gwen P Red isn’t just a nice cow from the outside, Gwenna is a European top ranking R&W heifer for gRZG and gNVI! More information about this R&W giant through this link.   Read More

Click to enlarge -
Exclusive FEMALE Brenland DENVER embryos selling!

March 27, 2018 Brenland DENVER is one of the new HOT type sires in the breed, he is a son of the well proven sire High Octane who's daughters impress farmers and show breeders all around the World, his dam is the former #1 PTAT cow in the breed: Brenland Doorman Desirable VG-88-CAN 3yr., going back on Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92-USA (All-American 4yr. old 2005). Denver combines +19 DGV Conformation in Canada (+9 Rump index) with PTAT +3.82 in the USA, with plenty of milk (+924 Milk) and great udder traits, (FUA +4.01 / RUW +4.02 / RUH +4.37)! Exclusive FEMALE Denver embryos selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale, including from the Top 10 PTAT heifer in Europe!!   Read More

Click to enlarge - DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH - EX-96 MS
Darling does it again: GRAND CHAMPION Expo Bulle 2018

March 27, 2018 She did it again, the most recent EX-95 cow in Europe,  DH Gold Chip Darling won the Grand Championship at the Swiss National Show, the Expo Bulle 2018!! She looked better than ever at Expo Bulle, watch her pictures. She already had a lot of victorious behind her name and for sure this wasn’t the last!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer EX-92-USA / 3/4 sister to Absolute Beemer Suzy Sue
Huge fresh PTAT sister to Solomon @ Absolute Genetics

March 26, 2018 Absolute Genetics has a young star in their barn named, Absolute Beemer Suzy Sue. This Beemer daughter out of the well known Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-89-CAN and is one of the highest PTAT cows in Europe with 3.70 PTAT! Her pedigree is one of the greatest you can find, she is a maternal sister to the popular type bull SOLOMON and sister to the dam of the new popular type sire Sidekick! Suzy Sue is 3 weeks fresh now, and ‘she improves everyday’ her owners say.   Read More

Click to enlarge - COL NH Indy-Red / During the German Masters Sale '17
NH Indiansunshine wins class at RUW Färsenschau

March 26, 2018 It was a celebrating event, the RUW Färsenschau 2018 held for the 1sttime in the beautiful new location of the RUW in Fliessem. There were great results for Eurogenes members Genesland, Colonia Cows & Nosbisch Holsteins. NH Indiansunshine Red won her class, this former #1 RZG cow is owned by Genesland & Nosbisch Holsteins and is dam of the German Masters Sale topseller 2017: NH Indy Red for € 38.000.   Read More

Click to enlarge -

March 23, 2018 A very exciting edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has started today, with 28 embryo combinations. Some early, exclusive FEMALE Brenland DENVER embryos selling (PTAT +3.82 / DGV Conf. +19) out of great donors. Also FEMALE REDROCK (GTPI +2759 / PTAT +2.70) embryos selling from one of the highest Modesty dtrs in Europe! Click further for the complete overview of embryos selling this edition.    Read More

Click to enlarge -
#1 RZG bull CASINO available! RZG 168 and high GTPI!

March 22, 2018 The #1 RZG bull: Veelhorst DG CASINO has semen available! Casino is the highest available RZG bull in the World with RZG 168, which he combines with a high American index, a very attractive pedigree and index profile. Casino has a Bookem-free pedigree, sired by DG Charley from a Mardi Gras x Planet x Snowman (Broeks Betty), he has a huge production index (DE +1956 Milk / positive components / RZM 152), >120 RZE, high fitness traits, milkability (RZD 112) and an excellent udder health (RZS 119). Casino is available in Germany through the Vost and is international available through GGI. Click further for more information about this hot sire of sons.   Read More

Click to enlarge - RZH Gwen-P Red VG-88-NL
161 RZG / gNVI +360 RED & POLLED @ Beeze Holsteins

March 21, 2018 Last index run was a great succes for Beeze Holsteins. Several calves came back with high indexes for NVI and RZG. One of the highest gNVI heifers in the breed for RED & POLLED came back through Beeze Oldleus Gwenna P Red, she is+360 gNVI and +161 RZG, sired by Mr. Salvatore *RC out of the Molenkamp Grietje cow family!   Read More

Click to enlarge - Galys-Vray EX-94-CH
Galys-Vray confirms great type with huge PTAT!

March 21, 2018 One of the most spoke about show cows in the World is Galys-Vray, already won European-, Swiss Expo- & Expo Bull Grand Champion. That she has a great phenotype is very obvious, she is recently genomic tested and also her genotype confirmed this fact, she is one of the highest PTAT milking cows in Europe (PTAT 3.29) and has huge testing progeny.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Mox Goldwyn Baywatch / GRAND CHAMPION
7 out of 9 for Mox Holsteins during the RBW-Schau!

March 20, 2018 An unreal show for Mox Holsteins during the RBW-Schau, they had 6 cows who grabbed a title that day and one cow had 2 titles!! An unreal performance if you know that there are 9 titles to win that show. It all began in the 2yr. old class, Mox Rakka won just in front of her barn mate Mox Ramona, both cows are Doorman daughters.    Read More

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