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Legacy stays in the first position: +2949 GTPI

December 4, 2018 This afternoon was the December index run in the States. The genomic list with sires >12 months and a NAAB-code is still leading by Pine-Tree Legacy with +2949 GTPI. The second position is again for Mr Dynasty Nashville who notes +2944 GTPI. Increasing in the list is S-S-I Bg Frzzld Riveting with +2933 GTPI, which is good enough for the third place. The fourth place is token by Hurtgenlea Richard Charl with +2920 GTPI. NEW in the top 5 is Ocd Pinnacle Diesel, who notes +2919 GTPI.
At the daughter proven list are not big chances. EDG Rubicon is still leading the list with +2824 GTPI followed by Mr Mccut Dante with +2800 GTPI. Uecker Supersire Josuper stays at place three with +2790 GTPI near by follows Mr Mogul Delta with +2779 GTPI. S-S-I Montross Duke makes the top 5 complete with +2747 GTPI.Click furhter for more GTPI rankings.   Read More

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Renegade at the throne in Canada!

December 4, 2018 The new Canadian December index run made a lot of increase in GLPI. The new GLPI topper is S-S-I Renegade who rejects Westcoast Horizon of the throne! Renegade is an Altaoak son with +3640 GLPI! Westcoast Horizon loses 31 points and notes +3590 GLPI. The third place is for the Canadian sire Claynook Discjockey with +3584 GLPI. Peak Tropic is new in the top 5 with +3576 GLPI. Sandy-Valley AP Panama (s. Pinnacle) finish the top 5 with +3566 GLPI. Click further to find out all the Canadian rankings!   Read More

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HOTSPOT P leading in Switzerland!

December 4, 2018 Wilder Hotspot P is the chart topper in the genomic list in Switzerland with +1754 ISET. He leads with 24 points above Progenesis Padawan who notes +1730 ISET. The third in the list is SJK 4575 a Montona son with +1700 ISET. Claynook Casper takes the fourth position in the genomic list with +1694 ISET. Last in the top 5 is S-S-I Superhero Nigel with +1686! Click further for all the SWISS rankings!   Read More

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Legacy again the #1 in the UK with +906 gPLI!

December 4, 2018 In the NEW December proofs in the United Kingdom there is again an outstaning #1 in Pine-Tree Legacy with +906 gPLI! It's is also again Denovo 7921 Atrium who holds the second position with +878 gPLI! Third in the international genomic list in te UK is Peak Altaleap with +871 gPLI and 2.35 Type followed by ABS Crimson with +853 gPLI. The last in the top 5 is ABS Outback with +847 gPLI. Click further for all the UK indexes!   Read More

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Bramante the new #1 in Italy!

December 4, 2018 Go-Farm Bramante is the new #1 in Domestic genomic list in Italy, with no less than +4452 gPFT! Second in the row is Idevra Pegasus (s. Octavian) with +4383 gPFT. Followed by Go-Farm Munari (s. Hotline) with +4272 gFPT. The #1 for IES in Italy is Modesty son Giudici Holsteins Michael with +1593 IES Euro. The daughter proven Domestic list has also a great December run. The new leader in the list is Holbra Inseme Rodanas with +3891 gPFT. This Doorman son is a grand son of Holbra Paulona VG-85 (s. Bolton) and bred by Holbra Holsteins. Click furhter for all the Italian indexes!   Read More

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DURABLE the new chart topper in Germany!

December 4, 2018 Today it's INDEX DAY and starts with the RZG index! Durable is the NEW chart topper in the interbull genomic list this December run. This DG Charley son notes +167 RZG. The second place is for Expension a Guarantee son with +166 RZG. Together in the second position is Soundcloud with +166 RZG. The fourth in the row is Grateful, also a Guarantee son with +165 RZG.  Click further for more info about the German indexes!   Read More

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Rexana wins Junior Expo Bulle!

December 3, 2018 Last weekend one of Switzerland's best shows: the Junior Expo Bulle 2018 was held in Bulle. The judge was Blair Weeks from Canada who was praising the Swiss cows. The already judged this years World Dairy Expo the Red Holsteins and wasn't sure were the best R&W's were. Armani daughter C P P Armani Rexana became GRAND Champion and Best Udder of the R&W Junior Expo Bulle '18! She was consigned by Currat Pappaux Piller Holstein and fresh in her 2nd lactation. This fancy RED Armani is a daughter of the well-know Ralstorm daughter: Giallina EX-90-CH of Scholten Dairies. Giallina is a direct daughter of the famous Incas dtr Grenada, who won several shows like the Swiss Expo & Swiss Red Night. Click further to find out more about this extraordinary family!    Read More

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Wonderful year for Kedar Brown Swiss

November 30, 2018 Although 2018 has not come to her end. 2018 was an amazing and wonderful year for Kedar Brown Swiss. They participated at 5 shows with 5 different cows which all became GRAND Champion of the show!! What a fantastic achievement for the Kedar Brown Swiss team! There was also success with home-bred animals for other exhibitors: Kedar W'ment Jana was Grand Champion South West '18 for Sedgemoor Brown Swiss & Kedar Aurora was Grand Champion Cheshire '18 for Toi Toi Genetics. Click further to find out more about these superstars!   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Online Embryo Sale!!

November 30, 2018 Today it's the final day of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. This specific auction has 27 packages with embryos in all price ranges! Embryos are selling from the best families around the globe with for example: FEMALE Crushabull from Aristocrat's dam, mixed FEM. Solomon / Lavanguard from the Koba's, FEMALE Crushtime from Oceanie EX-94 her daughter, huge PA from the Emeraude's, R&W, TYPE and huge genomic. Also herdbuilding packages starting at 200 EUR! Take your chance now! Click further for some examples selling.   Read More

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Esmeralda EX-90 (92 udder) as a 4yr. old in her 3rd lactation!

November 29, 2018 JK DG Esmeralda has raised her score up to EX-90 with an EX-92 mammary system as a 4yr. old cow in her 3rd lactation! Esmeralda is one of the incredible daughters of one of the very best transmitting cows in Europe of the past years, Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL. Both Esmeralda and her mother have won mulitple National classes and championships. The family goes back on the 2 x French cow of the year Amaranthe and is well known for their great transmitting ability. For example Esmeralda her lovely Solomon grand dtr is the #2 PTAT heifer in Europe (8/18), her embryos selling with a PA PTAT >4 and a PA DGV-Conf. of +20! Click further for more information.   Read More

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