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Female embryos from the maternal sister to Int. Champion WDE'19

March 1, 2022 It's an amazing opportunity this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. FEMALE Jacobs Showtime *RC and FEMALE Stantons Chief embryos from Floydholm Emotion are selling. Floydholm Emotion is a stunning Altitude-Red daughter straight out of Budjon-JK Damion Eklipse-ET EX-94-USA 2E. Eklipse is also the dam to Floydholm MC Emoji EX-95-USA. The gorgeous McCutchen daughter was Intermediate Champion at the World Dairy Expo 2019. Emotion has an amazing pedigree with 9 generations of EXCELLENT dams. Her 4th dam is Budjon-JK Encore Electra EX-95-USA and is going back on the Krull Broker Elegance EX-96-USA family. This family produced 73 All-American nominations, 3 EX-96, 8 EX-95 and >420 EX offspring! Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Modolino Doorman Dori EX-91-AT
New excellent Doorman daughter for Schönhof Holsteins

March 1, 2022 Modolino Doorman Dori is classwinner during the International Open Dairy Show Verona 2018 and from the same family as Ceresio Bormio @Inseme. She recently increased her score to EX-91-AT. Her dam is a Alexander daughter out of O-Man Frina 55. She is a lovely Oman daughter who produced in two lactations more than >20.000kgM. Dori is from a deep Italian cow family. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Success for La Brasserie Holsteins & Ferme Wilt at SIA Paris '22

March 1, 2022 The SIA at Paris 2022 was a success for La Brasserie Holsteins and Ferme Wilt. The day starts great for La Brasserie Holsteins with winning the first class and Res. Udder Champion with JBToullec Pixistorm. She is a youthfull 2yr. old and sired by Thunderstorm out of a Millenium daughter. In the third class won Wilt Bailay. The Godewind daughter was in top shape and became Udder Champion and Intermediate Champion! The Res. Intermediate Champion was JBToullex Chief Roxe, a sister to the topseller La Brasserie Sale 2020: JB Toullec Chief Roxa VG-89-FR 2yr. (MAX). Wilt Alana VG-88-FR 2yr. won the title Udder Champion at the Red&White Holsteins Show. The stunning Castel Bad daughter is a grand daughter from the Grand Champion Iowa State Fair 2019: MS Farnear Aria Adler EX-96-USA. Click further for more info.   Read More

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FEMALE Downtown Brown embryos from 9 generations VG or EX cows

February 28, 2022 FEMALE Rapid Bay Downtown Brown embryos are selling this week in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale out of Sunset Canyon Joel Tamika 2792. She is a stunning Joel daughter and classified with EX-93-USA%. Tamika was 4th 3yr. old at the Sr. Western National Jersey Show 2019 and 3rd 4yr. old at the California State Jersey Show 2021. Her dam is Sunset Canyon Topeka Tamika 225 EX-91-USA% out of Hollylane Renaissance Tamika VG-86-CAN%. This Renaissance daughter was 3rd Milking Yearling during the World Dairy Expo 2011. Tamika 2792 her 3rd dam is Maplevale Furor Tamika EX-94-CAN%, she was Nominated All-Canadian Senior 3yr. old 2009, Res. Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show 2009 and Res. Int. Champion Royal Agriculture Winterfair 2007. It's an amazing opportunity on embryos out a deep Canadian cow family going back on Maplevale Furor Tamika EX-94-CAN. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Bons Holsteins Ella 218 EX-93-NL EX-96-MS
Bons-Holsteins Ella 218 is in top shape

February 28, 2022 The stunning Bons-Holsteins Ella 218 in the Netherlands is pictured! She looks tremendous, is in top shape and ready to show. The fresh Seaver daughter is recently classified with EX-93-NL with EX-96 for her wide and high Mammary System. She is the only cow alive in the Netherlands with EX-96 for her Mammary System. Her grand dam is Grand Champion National NRM show 2017, Res. Senior Champion HHH show 2017, Res. Senior Champion National NRM show 2014, Senior Champion Hoornaar 2014 and more: Bons Holsteins Ella 158 EX-94-NL (s. Mailing). Ella 218 is not only beautiful, but also produces a lot of milk. She is projected in her fourth lactation on 11.308kgM with 3.8%P! Click further for more info.   Read More

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The success story of De Volmer Holsteins

February 25, 2022 The successfull breeder Jan Brummelhuis has stopped working as a dairy farmer and has therefore also ended his breeding activities. Well-known names as De Volmer Ronny VG-87-NL, De Volmer Anemone/Warsi, Rose Supershot VG-88-NL are just a few names which Jan Brummelhuis has acquired name and fame in recent decades.The absolute highlight is DG DV Supershot, the worldwide number 1 GTPI bull and is the number 1 daughter proven position based on NVI. DG DV Supershot is the Dutch bull with the most influence in global breeding. At the beginning of this century, De Volmer Ronny VG-87-NL was one of the hottest cows for sire analysts to the Netherlands. De Volmer Anemone/Warsi has been a regular supplier of daughter tested bulls for years, with now again De Volmer Dropshot. However, Jan Brummelhuis says goodbye in style with the current number 1 NVI bull DG DV Rammstein Red, the already famous descendant of the OH DG Rose VG-89/Golden Oaks Chief Mark Prudence family. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Online Embryo Sale - OPEN for bidding!

February 25, 2022 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is OPEN for bidding! Bid last on the incredible lots selling! With for example: FEMALE Woodcrest King Doc embryos out of SHAKIRA EX-97-USA her granddaughter, FEMALE Farnear DELTA-LAMBDA embryos out of Blexys King Doc Bloom, she is a King Doc daughter straight out of Blexy EX-97-USA! FEMALE Riverdown UNSTOPABULL embryos out of Logan Jones Apple Pie, FEMALE Jacobs Showtime embryos from Floydholm Emotion. She is an Altitude-Red daughter and maternal sister to Floydholm Emoji EX-95-USA. FEMALE Downtown Brown embryos out of Sunset Canyon Joel Tamika EX-93-USA%, FEMALE River Valley Victorius (A2A2) embryos out of Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri EX-96-CAN% and more several herdbuilding packages starting at 125 EUR/ embryo. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - HAM Hula EX-91-DE
Amazing classification round at van der Eijk Holsteins

February 24, 2022 In the end of January was de classifier at van der Eijk Holsteins in the Netherlands, which resulted in an amazing classification round. The 2yr. old Godewind daughter Bertha 328 was classified with VG-88-NL with VG-87 for her Mammary System and VG-88 for her Feet & Legs. Another 2yr. old, named Bertha 332, sired by Fitz, was also classified with VG-88-NL with VG-88 for her amazing Mammery System. Three cows get the Excellent status during this classification round. One of these three cows is HAM Hulapalu, she is classified with EX-90-NL with EX-91 for her Mammary System. Hulapalu is a beautiful Fitz daughter out of HAM Hula EX-91-DE out of HAM Hanika VG-89-DE backed by HAM Hawai EX-94-DE. Bradnick daughter Ground Lake's Future was classified with EX-90-NL EX-91-MS. Click further for more info.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Desgranges Casper Aschley
Desgranges Casper Aschley Grand Champion at Expo Gruyère 2022

February 24, 2022 Expo Gruyère 2022 in Switzerland was a huge success last weekend for Desgranges Casper Aschley. The stunning and well balanced Aschley is named as Grand Champion! She is sired by Casper and classified with VG-88-CH with VG-89-MS. Her dam is Desgranges Jedi Alisson, a EX-90-CH Jedi daughter. Aschley was in top shape, whereby Tatoo daughter Londaly Tatoo Tanzanie VG-87-CH became Res. Grand Champion. Making the top three complete is Duroch Sidekick Diva VG-86-CH 2yr. she is named as Honerable Mention that day. In Class 9 became Au Parchy Casper Oupala VG-87-CH VG-88-MS third is her class! She is a close family member to the Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2019: Au Parchy Doorman Jolie EX-95-CH EX-96-MS 3E. Jolie her Crushtime daughter is co-owned by Hullcrest Holsteins. In the last class with older cows was Wilt Alpine placed third. She is a beautifull Fitz daughter bred by GAEC Wilt. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Aftermovie: German Masters Sale 2021

February 23, 2022 We would like to thank everybody involved at German Masters Sale 2021, without you it wouldn't even be possible! Hereby we would like to present you the AFTERMOVIE of the successful edition in October. You can now enter your very best for the German Masters Sale 2022, which will take place the 21st of October 2022!! Click further for more info.   Read More

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