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Many success for Holbra Holsteins @ Wintershow Lochem

April 3, 2019 Last weekend it was time for year annually Wintershow in Lochem, the Netherlands. This Show was a very successful show for Holbra Holsteins, they won the Res. 2yr. Old Champion with Holbra Malon 8 (s. Jetset), Res. Senior Champion with Holbra Hillie 20 (s. AtlaSpot) and the Res. Herdgroup Champion. Great detail is that Hillie 20 was the oldest cow of the show and produced in her lifetime almost 100.000kgM with 4.9% Fat and 3.8% Protein. Click further for the pictures.   Read More

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SUPERSHOT extends at the #1 dtr proven sire in the Netherlands!

April 3, 2019 The Dutch index run came out today and showed some changes in the rankings. The #1 gNVI Black and White genomic bull is Weelder Esperanto who notes +422 gNVI in combination with >2200 Milk and +114 Type. He is followed by Delta Bonjour a Vendairy Sidekick son who guarantees +420 gNVI with solide health traits. A foreign bull in the list is Charles a DG Charley son who claims the #9 with +389 gNVI. Cogent Supershot maintains a great proof and is again the #1 daughter proven NVI sire in the Netherlands with +343 gNVI and +276 daughters in production. The second place this run is for Weigeline Jacey Tabasco with +340 gNVI and third place for Balisto with +337 gNVI. A huge increaser in the daughter proven list is a son from the former #1 Dtr proven sire in Holland (Boss): Vekis Powerboss. He increases his score with +55 points to +299 gNVI. In the R&W genomics bulls list extends also Jacuzzi-Red his first place with +35 points to +420 gNVI!! The #1 POLLED R&W sire in Holland and #2 gNVI genomic R&W sire is Hul-Stein Trend-P-Red, a Rumba *RC son with +366 gNVI. He is followed by the #1 R&W RZG bull Solitar P who notes +365 gNVI what makes him good enough for place 3. Col DG Spark-Red has a solide run and increas his score to +350 NVI. In the daughter proven R&W NVI list is Maxx still at the throne with +312 gNVI followed by Gen-I-Beq Attico-Red who climbs at the list with +67 points to +288 gNVI and 99 milking daughters. Click further for all the Dutch indexes.   Read More

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PRINCE the new #1 GTPI sire: +2965 gTPI!!

April 2, 2019 The U.S. index run came out with a new chart topping GTPI sire: Denovo 2800 Prince (s. Yoda). He guarantees +2965 gTPI in combination with +1094 NM$ (#2 NM$ sire) // >1000 Milk // 0.29% Fat // +2.5 DPR and 2.66 SCS. Prince is closely followed by Pine-Tree Herioc (s. Achiever), who notes +2963 gTPI and also is the #1 NM$ bull with +1149 Net Merit. The #1 GTPI daughter proven sire list is now leading by Mr Mccut Dante (+2825 gTPI). He deposes Edg Rubicon who now claims the #3 with +2794 gTPI.  Second in the list is ABS Rowdy who has a great combination of >2700 Milk with +2802 gTPI. Another highlight in the Net Merit list is Hurtgenlea Richard Charl who keeps his level and still has +2853 gTPI with +1029 Net Merit. Aurora Mitchell has also a good run and still provides +2810 gTPI with +3.08 PTAT. This makes him one of the very bulls combining >2800 gTPI with >3.00 PTAT. Click furhter for all the American indexes.   Read More

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Biggelo & Duke #1 bulls in Canada

April 2, 2019 The highest daughter proven sire in the Canadian index system is S-S-I Montross Duke, this huge production sire by Montross with +2655 for his milkproduction index has a GLPI +3429. The #1 GLPI bull on the Genomic Youngsire list is S-S-I Delroy Biggelo, followed by Duran and Renegade. Skyhigh is the #1 Conformation bull in Canada with +19 Conformation, followed by Drifter, Thunder Storm and Crushtime. Click further for all Canadian rankings.    Read More

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PANAMA the outstanding #1 in Italy!

April 2, 2019 Sandy-Valley AP Panama is the NEW outstanding number 1 in the PFT genomic bulls list (Domestic & foreign bulls). He notes +4832 PFT with a great type score of 2,76 Type!! He is followed by Peak Altaleap (+4794 PFT) and Stantons Eldorado (+4724 PFT). Peak Altaleap is also the number #1 IES Genomic bull in Italy. In the daughter proven PFT list is Altahotrod topping the list with +4129 PFT in combination with an outstanding type score of +3.13!! Altahotrod is closely followed by the #2 Cookiecutter Harper who notes +4109 PFT. Holbra Rodanas has the #7 place in the list with +3735 PFT and also +2,55 for type! Bouw Finder is the #1 IES Dtr proven sire in Italy with 1190 IES!! Followed by the former #1 GTPI Dtr proven sire: Edg Rubicon, who provides +1178 IES with +3941 PFT. Click further for all the Italian rankings.   Read More

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MUSA the leader in Switzerland with +1753 ISET!

April 2, 2019 The NEW chart topper in the Swiss ISET genomic list is Badger S-S-I Musa with +1753 ISET. He is followed by the former #1 Wilder Hotspot P who still stands at the second position with +1701 ISET. The #3 in the genomic list is S-S-I BG Frzzld Riveting with +1699 ISET. The leader in the daughter proven list with Swiss milking daughters is Numero Uno with +1429 ISET and 151 daughters in production. Numero Uno stands above the former leader of the list Enforcer who now still notes +1423 ISET. Third in the list is the popular R&W show sire Addiction P Red with +1418 ISET. At the interbull genomic list is Flagship topping the list with +1534 ISET closely followed by Messager with +1531 ISET. Also present in the list is Snowbiz Symion with +1497 ISET at place 7!! Click further for all the Swiss indexes!   Read More

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Crush sons CRUSHTIME & CRUSHABULL at the top in the UK!!

April 2, 2019 The second index run this day is from the United Kingdom! The #1 PLI genomic sire is Denovo Crosby with +863 PLI followed by Denovo Atrium with +861 PLI. Third in the international genomic list in te UK is De-Su Appeal with +856 PLI and +2.50 TM (Type). In the daughter proven list is Larcrest Commend still the chart topper in the list with +767 PLI. Second one is Cookiecutter Harper with +752 PLI in a great combination with +2.09 TM (Type). The two Crush sons Col DG Crushtime and Oh-River-Syc Crushabull are topping the Type list. Crushabull notes +4.39 TM followed by Crushtime with +4.24 TM. Crushtime is a Crush grandson from Oh-River-Syc Billie EX-91-USA 4yr. - who also is the full sister to Byway @ Semex. This family proved to make great ones and traces back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA. Click further for all UK-rankings.   Read More

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Solitar P stays at the throne in Germany!

April 2, 2019 In the R&W RZG rankings in Germany is Caudummer Solitar P still leading the list with +162 RZG!! He is topping the R&W interbull genomic list followed by Dreamer who notes +160 RZG. Spark-Red holds his level and notes +157 which is good enough for the #6 place!! Spark Red is bred through the Genesland program and is a Salvatore x Debutant out of the Splendor Family. Other highlights in the Interbull list are Andy-Red (+154 RZG) and Blues-Red (+153 RZG). Andy-Red is an Anreli son from the Leanne family and Blues-Red comes straight out the KHW Goldwyn Aiko family which makes him one of the highest R&W RZG Apple descendant's!! The list with at least 500 milking daughters in Germany is also still leading by Apoll P (+144 RZG) with 1482 daughters. Followed by Sunny-Red with +142 RZG and 623 daughters in production. Click further for all the R&W RZG indexes.   Read More

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German B&W RZG rankings online: 6 DG Charley sons in RZG Top 15

April 2, 2019 Germany are the first today with the new bull publications. The RZG formula has been changed with more emphasize on fat production and with the addition of the females in the reference population. The big winner of the new formula are the sons of DG Charley who has now no less than 6 sons in the German RZG Top 15 with on the 1st place Siemers Merryguy. The entire Top 3 RZG bulls in Germany are Siemers Merryguy, Hul-Stein Crownmax and Riethil Summerlake and has all been delivered through Diamond Genetics. Some of the big winners this run are CASINO from Vost at RZG 162, NEAL from AI Total with RZG 162 and DG Eagle with RZG 160!  Harper is the current #1 dtr proven RZG bull with RZG 159, followed by Dante, Balisto and Mayflower.   Read More

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NEW picture class winner & Best Udder Wintershow Zuid-Holland!

April 2, 2019 JK DG Darlina VG-88-NL 2yr. (s. Doorman) was first and best udder in her section at the Wintershow Zuid-Holland 2019! This fancy 2yr. Old from the Darling cow family was also Res. Champion 2yr. Old at the Hoornaar Show 2018. Her dam JK Eder DG Gold Chip Darling 2 EX-90-NL 4yr. is the full sister to the SUPREME Champion Swiss Expo '17 and Grand Champion Expo Bulle '18: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH. This family traces back on 5 generations VG or EX-dams to Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95-USA 2E GMD DOM. Click further for the picture.   Read More

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