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Fancy Denver daughter from French show family sells this Friday!

May 29, 2019 La Brasserie Holstein is selling their very best at the Vente de l'Orne 2019, taking place this Friday (May 31) at GAEC Auguste in Dampierre sous Brou, France. They sell a very fancy Denver heifer as lot 17 from Kervisio Liver VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy). Liver was 2nd in her class at the SIA Show '19 and pre-selected for the European Show in Libramont. This family producded also Bernice EX-90-FR, the Res. Grand Champion & Udder Champion Space '11, Res. Intermediate & Udder Champion Regional Show Bretagne '10 and Best Udder Space '10. The grand dam of these show heifer sired by Denver is Kervisio Iver, an EX-90-FR Lauthority daughter that traces back to Homestead-SS Bell Alice VG-88-USA. Read more.   Read More

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Sparkling daughters EBA Liza @ GAEC Brilland

May 29, 2019 Sparkling daughters of EBA Liza (s. Kingboy) are just fresh in their first lactation at GAEC Brilland / EBA Holsteins! Her Sillian daughter EBA Nelly is one of the very first fresh Sillian daughters in Europe and looks absolutely amazing with just 10 days fresh. She was the former #7 PTAT heifer in Europe and is one of the very few combining +2695 GTPI with +3.34 PTAT! Her AltaSuperstar sisters EBA Nina (>2600 GTPI & +2.94 PTAT)  & EBA Nicky (>2600 GTPI & +2.95 PTAT) are also shining at EBA Holsteins. They are the full sisters to huge type bull EBA News (+3.42 PTAT) at Genes Diffusion. EBA Nicky her King Doc daughter EBA Olivia is the currently #15 PTAT Calf in Europe with +2614 GTPI and +4.10 PTAT. This family is one to remark for the near future and contains 6 generations VG or EX-dams! Read more.   Read More

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Progeny groups Col Trend & Godewind *RC @ German Dairy Show!

May 28, 2019 At the German Dairy Show in Oldenburg, Germany will be progeny groups present by Col Trend & Godewind *RC. Col Trend is a Tribune son of Col Sunday VG-86-DE (s. Mogul) and traces back to UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-USA GMD DOM. This family produced a lot of sons for A.I. with for example Esquire, Ellod, Goldroy and is the same family as the Twin Sheray's who produced many daughters >2700 GTPI. Godewind *RC is a hyge SHOW sire and deliverd multiple champions on the coloured shavings. He is a son of Mr Chassity Gold Chip and traces back Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95-USA. Godewind is bred by Diamond Genetics and De Oosterhof Holsteins who imported him as an embryo. He is owned by VOST and internationally available trough GGI-Genetics. Read more.   Read More

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Seven cows Nosbisch Holsteins entered for the German Dairy Show!

May 27, 2019 No less than seven cows are entered for the first edition of the German Dairy Show, taking place 26-27 June in Oldenburg, Germany. Among them the fantastic Loh TJ Alessja (2nd in her section European Show '19 & Grand Champion Schau der Besten '19), NH County Milo (County daughter of Marilyn Monroe), NH Mc Isabella (grand dtr Stormatic Ilma EX-95), NH Arvis Siky Red (Arvis *RC grand dtr of Planet Silk), the fabulous JERSEY 1st calver Arethusa NH DG Victoria Secret (Premier dtr of Comet EX-95) and more. Read more for the complete line-up.   Read More

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The breeding power of the BTS-Avea family!

May 27, 2019 They continue the breeding capacity of BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL 2yr. (Res. Champion 2yr. Old Opmeer): her daughter R DG Avira Red VG-85-NL 2yr. and her grand daughter R DG Adalyn Red VG-87-NL 2yr. This mother and daughter are well-balanced with many dairy strengt and also a lot of PROTEIN! Avira is a Olympian *RC daughter of BTS-Avea Red, the former #5 GTPI R&W heifer in Europe and dam to R DG Aladdin-Red @ Cogent (PLI +615 / CH: ISET +1585). One of the most heavily used bull this moment in Switzerland. Adalyn-Red is sired by Entitle *RC, scored VG-87-NL as a 2yr. Old and is projected with 305d 9.255kgM 4.4% 411F 3.8% 353P!! Her FEM. Jordy-Red embryos are for sale in the Online Embryo Sale as lot 14. Read more.    Read More

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Online Embryo Sale has been kicked off!!

May 24, 2019 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has kicked off,as you may have noticed. The sale closes next week Friday, May 31 at 9.00 p.m. (CEST). Again great offers from the best genetics WORLD WIDE available with for example: FEM. Undenied embryos from Giessen San Goerdy EX-90-DE her EX-90 dam, FEM. Unix embryos from Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL, your chance to create a maternal sister to JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL EX-94-MS (6th in her section European Show '19), FEM. Callen from Elysa Dundee Cleo EX-93-DE EX-94-MS her VG-89-DK La1 (MAX) Goldwyn daughter, R&W, JERSEY and many herdbuilding packages starting at 50 EUR/ embryo. Read more.    Read More

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Daughter Incas Flavia wins Holstein-Show BEA

May 24, 2019 Incas Flavia her Absolute-Red daughter Zingre-Thomi Absolute Flower was named as the Holstein / Red Holsteins Champion of the BEA Show in Aeschi bei Spiez, Switzerland. Flavia is one of the most famous Swiss R&W Show cows and was two times in a row the Grand Champion R&W at the Swiss Expo in '16 & '17. The BEST UDDER of the show went to Aegerter's Golden Dreams Shakira. Read more.   Read More

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Top PTAT females with positive DPR and <8.0% SCE

May 24, 2019 The list with the top ranking PTAT females in Europe with a positive DPR and <8.0 % SCE (sire calving ease) is published now. Topping the lust is Gen Brest an King Doc daughter from the family of the TYPE sensation Col DG Crushtime +3.94 PTAT. At the second place we find her Undenied sister Gen Brylo with +4.16 PTAT.  The third one in the list is NH Undenied All-In a Undenied sister to the gTPI sire giant: ARISTOCRAT (+2832 gTPI, +2.73 PTAT). Her dam Ashley is the ONLY cow in the breed combining >2609 GTPI with >3.65 PTAT and scored with VG-89-USA EX-MS La1. Furthermore in the list we find SHG Solomon Brittany at place 5 a Solomon grand daughter of Jacobs Goldwyn Brittany with +3.72 PTAT and +1.2 DPR. Read more.   Read More

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New Eurogenes member: La Brasserie Holstein!

May 23, 2019 New Eurogenes member is La Brasserie Holstein from France which have beautiful genetics in their portfolio from the best global cow families you can find. One of the greatest cows is Petton Maleda Red VG-88-FR a huge R&W Lotus who was recently successful at teh European Show and adaughter from the Res. Senior Champion R&W World Dairy Expo '18: MS Apples Aleda Red EX-93-CAN!! One of the greatest type heifers we can find is LB Andorra Red, a Jordy-Red daughter from the Apple's who is the #1 PTAT R&W female in Europe! Click further for more information.    Read More

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Progeny groups Bouw Rocky & Bouw Finder @ NRM

May 22, 2019 At the National NRM Show in the Netherlands which is taking place the end of June will be a progeny group presented from Bouw Finder and Bouw Rocky. Both daughter proven bulls are bred by Bouw Holsteins and tracing back to the excellent Goldwyn daughter Bouw Goldwyn Femmy EX-90-UK. Bouw Finder (s. Balisto) is the #1 IES dtr proven sire in Italy, was the #1 NVI bull in the Netherlands and still scores +291 NVI. Bouw Rocky (s. Shamrock) showed recently a progeny group at the Agriflanders in Gent, Belgium and has >2300 daughters in production. The family of these bulls produced also the former #1 NVI bull Bouw Snowfever, Bouw Snowblast, Bouw Chief @ Masterrind, Bouw Final, Bouw Snowflake and Bouw Snow Flaco, the former #3 daughter proven sire in Spain. Read more.   Read More

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