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International Honorable Mention for Rising Star Holsteins!

July 3, 2018 It was a really good Luxembourg Summer Classic Show 2018 for Eurogenes members! Hullcrest, Schonhof and Rising Star Holsteins where there as a Eurogenes members and did great! Schonhof Holsteins was there with 3 animals and highest of them was Carnica CR Sol of Royal, a fancy Solomon grand daughter of Linjet Royal EX-93, which was Grand Champion of the National Austria Show in 2010! Sol of Royal was first in her class and was lined up in the final 6 of the show! Hullcrest Holsteins did great too, three animals that were bought from Bel Holsteins were entered for the show. Bel Scissor Brenda, Bel Fry Bellaria and Bell Abbott Bunga, all became second in their classes! Biggest win was there for Rising Star Holsteins from Luxembourg   Read More

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Final hours of the Online Embryo Sale!!

June 29, 2018 The Sale ends today, June 29th, at 09.00 PM Dutch time. This is your opportunity to buy yourself into some of the best embryo packages and pedigrees! Some very interesting FEMALE, Dtr Proven, Skyhigh GTPI/RZG/NVI, HUGE PTAT, R&W, SHOW and many more are selling! Don’t wait too long and miss out on this great opportunity!   Read More

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3rd international EXCELLENT dtr for Broeks Betty!!!

June 28, 2018 FG Snowman daughter Broeks Betty VG-88 2yr. became internationale famous as she sold for her top price of $ 200.000 to a North American group of breeders, afterwards her daughter Broeks Plabet VG-88 2yr. (known as one of the greatest daughters of Planet in the World) sold for even more money. Broeks Betty is working on a great legacy, she already had 2 EXCELLENT daughters in Canada, now also her Australian Larson daughter has been scored EXCELLENT-90! As well Betty is the foundation cow behind one of the most popular German RZG sires of this moment: Veelhorst DG Casino - The #2 RZG Charly son and Top 10 RZG bull in Germany!    Read More

Click to enlarge - RZH Brescia P Red VG-88-NL 5yr.
FEMALE Jordy-Red embryos from the Barbies

June 26, 2018 FEMALE Jordy-Red embryos are offered in the Online Embryo Sale from RZH Brescia P Red VG-88-NL 5yr. Brescia is a Colt P daughter  tracing back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA. She is not only fabulous herself, her O' Kalif daughter won the Junior Expo Bulle '17 and her Sunfish daughter is the #4 ISET cow in Switzerland with +1358 ISET. Click further for her embryos!   Read More

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The barns colours RED at Bouw Holsteins

June 26, 2018 Great R&W genetics has been added to the barn of Bouw Holsteins in Putten, the breeder of great bulls like Finder, Snowfever and others has added some skyhigh RC & R&W donors in their herd. For example N-Ivogen Donna *RC, she believed to be the #1 Mega-Watt daughter for RZG (RZG +155) with very high components (+0.33% Fat and +0.21% Protein), she is out of the Holbra branch of the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 cow family. From the same family we find Oosterbrook Lucky Danick-Red P – a Polled & R&W Lucky PP daughter with gNVI +260 / RZG +151. A new addition from Germany is Kalibra SX 5631-Red – RZG +152 / gNVI +290 Styx x Battlecry from the Wilder Kanu cow family.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Flora Atwood Adeena VG-87-ES 2yr.
Wilt Emilio embryos from the Adeens!

June 26, 2018 Wilt Emilio embryos are selling of Flora Atwood Adeena VG-87-ES 2yr., this Atwood daughter delivered the former #1 & #2 PTAT heifers in Europe and transmits amazing. Her Byway daughter looks stunning and is the former #1 PTAT heifer in Europe with still +3.85 PTAT! Adeena is a full sister to the global type sensation Eclipse Atwoods ARCHRIVAL & her Jacoby daughter is currently with +4.10 PTAT the #2 PTAT heifer in Europe. Click further for these special embryos!   Read More

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SHOW TIME @ Hurkmans ET with a KATRYSHA!!

June 26, 2018 It’s SHOW TIME @ Hurkmans ET which has purchased a very exciting Beemer dtr from the EX-93-CAN Sid sister to Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96-USA, the SUPREME Champion of the World Dairy Expo in Madison 2015! She has it all to be the next show topper of this family: Beemer x EX-93-CAN Sid x EX-90-CAN Encounter x VG-87-CAN x VG-86-CAN Sheik x VG-85-CAN x EX-CAN x VG-CAN! Lovhill HWL Beemer Kate is ready to show and open for inquiries for embryos!   Read More

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+4.09 PTAT (Prelim) Jordy-Red out of #1 PTAT cow in Europe!

June 25, 2018 Upstream Holsteins has some new additions to his herd and they are top class! One of them is Ups K&L Adeena, she is a Red Carrier Jordy-Red daughter out of the #1 PTAT cow in Europe (04/18), her preliminary genomics were +4.09 PTAT!! Ups Abbey Red is also a Jordy-Red daughter but she is red and out of Lakeside Defiant Ashlyn-Red which has just calved for the first time and looks really promising! She traces back to World Dairy Expo & Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion of 2001, Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96-USA. Last addition is Ups K&L Have a +2700 GTPI & NM $ 815 Sound System daughter out of a Delta x Cookiecutter Supersire Have and then Cookiecutter MOM Halo, which has deliverd many bulls to AI!   Read More

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Breed leading R&W bull SPARK available!

June 25, 2018 The breed leading R&W sire Col DG SPARK-Red is available through Masterrind! He is by far the highest R&W sire for RZG in the breed with RZG 162 and as well the #1 RZM & #2 RZE R&W available bull. He is the #6 GICO bull in Spain between the B&W bulls (GICO +4782) and has +312 gNVI in the Dutch system (INET +450). SPARK-RED is bred from the German Genesland program and has a very attractive pedigree as a Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster x Snowman out of the Canadian Glen Drummond Splendor cow family. As well Spark is Kapa Casein BB! Click further for more information about Spark.    Read More

Click to enlarge - Capj Irana | Same family as Carf Emeraude!
New exciting Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale started!

June 22, 2018 Today a new Online Embryo Sale started with many impressive lots. If you’re looking for high type, huge TPI / RZG or fantastic cow families; we have it! For example: early Hotspot P embryos from a high ranking Rubicon from the Altitudes, FEMALE Unix embryos from Carf Emeraude EX-91 herself, huge type embryos the family of Solomon and more! Click further for the full catalog.   Read More

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