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Impressive DAVINCI daughters in Denmark!

February 12, 2024 A very impressive group of 2yr. olds, sired by EBA Davinci, has been pictured at J. Bjerrum in Denmark. EBA Davinci is a real masterpiece, bred by EBA Holsteins, France and sold to AI-Total. His first 2yr. old daughters are looking very promising. He is a Dylan son out of EBA Netty VG-87-FR 2yr. (s. Sillian) x EBA Liza VG-88-FR (s. Kingboy) out of EBA Heazy EX-90-FR. Davinci notes +2714 GTPI and +3.10 PTAT, solide production traits (+0.15%F & +0.11%P), positive fitness traits and a fantastic balanced type, he adds power and strength with correct rumps, width and tremendous udders. He guarantees in his Canadian index: +11 Conformation with +9 Mammary System. DGF PSG @ AI-Total, is an EBA Davinci son out of DGF Magalia VG-85-FR 2yr. (s. King Doc) out of Madona Du Bois De Pins VG-87-FR 2yr. Continue reading...   Read More

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Excellent daughter for Caps DG Apple Pie Red

February 9, 2024 Last week visited the classifier Tienmorgen Holsteins in the Netherlands and raised Tienmorgen Marie Suze 7 her score to EX-91-NL in her 3rd lactation with EX-92 for her Mammary System and EX-92 for her Type! She is sired by Caps DG Apple Pie Red and is the 2nd daughter of Apple Pie Red in the Netherlands with the EXCELLENT score. Apple Pie Red is a daughterproven R&W sire straight out of the populair Numero Uno daughter: Ms Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA. His sisters, Ms Awesome Atomic Red EX-92-USA and MS PG PV Doorman Aspire EX-94-USA are successful at the colored shavings. Atomic-Red EX-92 was Grand Champion R&W at the NY State Show and Doorman daughter Aspire EX-94-USA was Intermediate Champion and Res. Grand Champion at the Western National. Continue reading..   Read More

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Online Embryo Sale started!

February 9, 2024 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has just started through the Eurogenes Auction site. Log-on and take a look in the exciting offering with multiple great deals like: Female Hulu *RC (+2901 GTPI / +3.85 PTAT / +11. Conf.) embryos out of the VG-85-NL 2yr. Artist daughter to KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA, Female Hulu *RC embryos out of Milksource Sadie *RC, the Tatoo sister to Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97-CAN, Female VIP embryos out of Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri EX-96-CAN%, homozygous Slickgen embryos from Pine-Tree Fit 6105, Delta Borax-Red (162 RZG / +374 gNVI) embryos out of the all-rounder: WW Hazel (+154 RZG / +336 gNVI / +2806 GTPI), Marcel P Red (+158 RZG / +253 NVI) embryos out of the homozygous POLLED: Miss Red PP (+147 RZG / +272 gNVI) and multiple 'herdbuilding packages' starting at 150 EUR / embryo. Click further to read more.   Read More

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February '24 intermediate index run Europe

February 8, 2024 It's time for the NEW intermediate run for females in Europe. February 2024 start with many chart toppers at several levels GTPI, NM$ and PTAT. The #1 GTPI female this run is a Captain daughter from the United Kingdom at +3216 GTPI. Cookiecutter Holysmokes delivers this run many skyhigh females in the GTPI and Net Merit list with for example DG Babita at +3135 GTPI from the Rainyridge Talent Barbara cow family. The #1 Net Merit is a Millitary P daughter from the United Kingdom at +1212 NM$. Topping the PTAT list is a Hanans daughter at +4.07 PTAT from the Our-Favorite Unlimited family. In second follows a Siemers Fitters Choice daughter at 3.87 PTAT and her barnmate, sired by Hammer at the third spot at +3.86. Click further for the complete ranking.   Read More

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Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale > consign now!

February 6, 2024 The Eurogenes Easter Heifer Sale will be held from March 29. until 5. April 2024 - consign your lots for this sale now through the organisation. Click further for more information.    Read More

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New embryo packages in the 24/7 Webshop

February 6, 2024 The 24/7 Embryo Webshop is filled with new embryo packages. The Eurogenes Embryo Webshop can be found under webshop.eurogenes.com - This embryo webshop will always be filled with the greatest embryos from different breeds, in all price ranges! You can buy the exact number of embryos you want, and we ship them right to your doorstep. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Deho Chanel wins Verona Dairy Show 2024

February 5, 2024 Last saturday was the Verona Dairy Show 2024 taking place in Italy. The 5yr. old 1st Grade daughter Deho Chanel, bred in Switzerland and sold to Errera Holsteins (Italy) was crowned as Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the Holstein Show. The Reserve Grand Champion title was for All.Pezzini Doc Safity and Honorable Mention for s. Goldfarm Gertie. Marghe Power Recel was crowned as Red&White Grand Champion. The Red&White Reserve Grand Champion of the Verona Dairy Show '24 is not a stranger at the coloured shavings: FG Applestar VG-89-IT! She is a Warrior-Red daughter and sold as a maiden heifer in the German Masters Sale 2020 by Nosbisch Holsteins and Future Genetics. Applestar is a Warrior-Red out of the VG-87-DE Anahiem daughter Wilstar Amber-Red x VG-85-USA Archive backed by 10 generations EXCELLENT Apple's. Continue reading..   Read More

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Willsbro Classification results!

February 5, 2024 The classifier came to visit Willsbro and what a fantastic day it was for Willsbro Holsteins and…. HAVE IT ALL!! In total 34 HAVE IT ALL daughters are classified from which 22 2yr. olds where classified with VG or higher and 11 2yr. olds are classified with GP+. Among these where no less then 3 VG-87 2 year olds!! An absolute astonishing average of 84,7 on 34 2 yr. olds!! Siemers Have It All is the Excalibur son from the Siemers Doc Hanker 28563 EX-94-USA, the living legend cow at Siemers Holsteins. HAVE IT ALL guarantees +3.43 PTAT with solide production traits (+647 milk, +0,20% Fat and +0,06% Protein) and good calving ease (2.1% SCE). In April the first milking daughters will be added to his proof! Click further for more info.   Read More

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TOP UDC females in Europe!

February 2, 2024 In Europe they are some of the highest UDC (Udder composite) females in the breed based on GTPI. Topping the list is Willsbro Perennial Elaya 4320, a Perennial daughter with +3.71 UDC and goes back on Wilt Elaya. At the second spot we find an early Havenofear daughter from Italy at +3.70 UDC. Notable is the only Red Carrier heifer in the list: SHG Avalanche Liv *RC, she is an Avalanche *RC daughter with +3.60 UDC!! Liv *RC VG-89-DK 2yr. is dam to the #1 PTAT sire worldwide: SHG Lego @ AI-Total at +4.99 PTAT and +3.94 UDC! His brother, SHG Lazer *RC @ AI-Total is the #3 *RC PTAT sire at +3.88 PTAT. Click further for the complete list.   Read More

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FINAL DAY - Online Embryo Sale - BID NOW!

February 2, 2024 Today is the FINAL DAY of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example Female Parbo *RC embryos out of the very promising SEI Kacie Pp Red VG-86-DE 2yr. from the Kendra EX-90 family, Female Siemers Rengd Parfect embryo out of JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL, Shake-Red (+157 RZG / +322 gNVI) embryos out of RH Rammstein Aila Red (+314 gNVI), Real Syn (#1 RZG sire at +171 RZG / +3056 gNVI / +399 gNVI) embryos out of HET Gard Chaga (+2942 GTPI / +1.75 PTAT / +150 RZG), Female Seismic PP (+1.60 PTAT / +172 JPI) embryos out of HAM Candyman Violetta and multiple herdbuilding packages starting at 150 EUR / embryo. Click further for more info.   Read More

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