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Paeßens Jezebel #1 NVI heifer in the Netherlands!

April 23, 2020 The NEW Dutch indexes of the tested NVI females in Europe are published now!! The #1 overall NVI heifer is also the #1 B&W NVI heifer in the Netherlands: Paeßens Jezebel at +384 NVI and +107 Type. She is as well the #3 GTPI Redrock daughter in Europe at +2790 GTPI and has the beta casein A2A2 and kappa casein BB. This great sire line goes back on Meier-Madows EL Jezebel EX-92-USA - dam to the legedary O-Man!! Furthermore De Volmer DG Rozanne (s. Jacuzzi-Red) came out as the #6 R&W NVI heifer in the Netherlands at +364 NVI & 108 Type. This Jacuzzi-Red daughter is a grand daughter of the beautiful Rubicon & super transmitter De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC VG-87-NL 2yr. Her dam is a full sister to Lakeside Ups Red Range - dam to several chart topping R&W GTPI females in Europe. Bouw Holsteins has another offspring sired by Andy-Red of Rose her Apprentice *RC daughter Bouw Apprentice Rosanne *RC. Bouw Andy Raisa-Red is the #28 R&W NVI heifer in the Netherlands at +335 NVI and has also +152 RZG / +151 RZM. Click further for the Dutch rankings.   Read More

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Dam DG Paul (+2832 GTPI) now VG-85-NL VG-88-MS La1.

April 23, 2020 The dam to DG Paul (+2818 GTPI // 687 NM$) @ AI-Total: Excloër DG Carbony recently scored fresh with her first calf VG-85-NL with VG-88 for her mammary system. Carbony is the former #1 GTPI Bourbon daughter in Europe and still provides a super index: +1132 Milk, 6.5% SCE, 459 NM$, 2538 GTPI, 0.03%P. Her dam is the full sister to the global sensation DG Charley @ ABS and goes back on the HI Global Holstein Cow of the Year '16: Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS. Carbony has some FEMALE ARISTOCRAT (+2832 GTPI / +1.89 PTAT) embryos for sale in the 24/7 WEBSHOP! Don't miss this special opportunity from the Cosmpolitan's!   Read More

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Exciting R&W RZG additions for Bouw Holsteins!

April 21, 2020 Bouw Holsteins, Jan Bouw, has add some great R&W additions to his herd with high RZG & NVI indexes. First a R&W +158 RZG Solitair P-Red heifer from the Wilder K family, a +156 RZG R&W Gonzales daughter of De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC VG-87-NL 2yr., R&W Andy-Red daughter from the Prudence's with +152 RZG & +335 NVI and another Solitair P-Red heifer from a Styx-Red dam also backed by the Wilder K family with +237 NVI and +107 Type. Click further to read more about this exciting new additions on the Bouw Holsteins Eurogenes page.   Read More

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Chart topping RED CARRIER ISET heifer for Hokovit Genetics!

April 21, 2020 She belongs to the top ranking RED CARRIER or Red & White ISET heifers in the breed: Hokovit Gywer Attitude *RC at +1505 ISET. This great ISET score makes her the #29 R&W or *RC ISET female in the breed in the Swiss system. She also scores +3345 GLPI with +7 Conf. and >2500 GTPI with +1.32 PTAT and +443 NM$. Her maternal sister by Charl notes +1503 ISET and +2735 GTPI. She goes back on a Gywer *RC x Salvatore *RC x Penmanship x Mvp x Epic to Ramos daughter Gold-N-Oaks Arabell 1765 VG-88-USA DOM. This North-American cow family maitains 11 generations VG- or EXCELLENT dams and brought many bulls for A.I. Click further to read more.   Read More

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Top ranking R&W and *RC PTAT females in Europe!

April 20, 2020 A new index round brings us also new chart toppers in the R&W and RED CARRIER GTPI and PTAT rankings. Today it's time for these great rakings op the dominating females in Europe. The influence of the APPLE's is again huge with delivering several offsprings at the partenal sires and maternal line. The #1 R&W PTAT female is again Panda Tango-Red at +3.30 PTAT who traces back to Miss Pottsdale Tang-Red. Upstream Holsteins delivers the #4 PTAT R&W female in Europe at +3.18 PTAT, an unqiue R&W Appleway *RC dtr from the Adeen's. Also La Brasserie Holstein has several great heifers with an Altitude-Red of Luck-E McGucci Afro EX-93-USA at the 6th spot at +3.09 PTAT and a Altitude-Red sister to Blondin Avalanche Darleen VG-87-CAN 2yr. with +3.00 PTAT at the 7th spot. Furthermore the full sister to Lotto-Red (2.77 PTAT) backed by the Rockymountain Talent Licorice famlily notes +2.74 PTAT at the 19th spot. Also R&W O'Kalibra from Texel Beauty Holsteins claims a spot in the list with +2.55 / +10 Conf. and a R&W Altitude-Red from Kcck AMARETTO-RED (+16 Conf.) his full sister notes +3.27 PTAT which makes her one of the leaders at the second spot in the R&W PTAT list this April 2020 proof. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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Mirand PP *RC embryos of SD Miss Roseanne her VG-88 dtr!!

April 20, 2020 An great package in the 24/7 WEBSHOP: Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP *RC embryos from European show cow SD Miss Roseanne EX-91-DE EX-91-MS La3. her VG-88-DE Big Apple daughter: WIT Rosaly!! Mirand PP *RC is the TYPE sire of the moment with +2.92 PTAT and +990 Milk. Roseanne was 2-Yr Old Champion RUW Schau 2010, 2-Yr Old Champion RUW Färsenschau 2013 and Reserve All-German 2012. WIT Rosaly notes 3.8% PROTEIN and has show winnig genes that are tracing back to recently crowned Midwest Spring Show Tournament of Champions 2020: Stookey Elm Park Blackrose-ET *RC EX-96 3E GMD DOM! This family also brought Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96-USA - Grand Champion R&W WDE '05 & '07 & Ladino Park TALENT *RC. Click further to buy these embryos directly.   Read More

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Al-Lew Monterey Ashley now EXCELLENT!!

April 17, 2020 Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 is scored at 4 years with the predicat EXCELLENT with an EX-MS. This tremendous brood cow is dam to the GTPI giant Mr Frazzled ARISTOCRAT (+2832 GTPI // 1.89 PTAT) and modern type sire NH DG Arrow (+2670 GTPI / 2.84 PTAT | +140 ITP) who is by far the #1 GTPI bull with >2.8 PTAT, >2.5 UDC and >1.9 FLC. This huge cow family maintains 9 generations EXCELLENT dams and traces back on GBM Durham BC Annabell EX-90-USA 3yr. Ashley her Kenobi grand daughter NH Kenobi Atamanga sells as lot 4 in the Online EASTER Heifer Sale which closes today at 9:00 p.m. (CEST). This close to flush age Kenobi daughter notes +2756 GTPI and +150 RZG and her dam DG NH Amalia is just fresh and currently produces 38,4kgM with 4.29%F and 3.65%P. Click further for more info.   Read More

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FINAL HOURS - Online EASTER Heifer Sale!

April 17, 2020 It are the final hours of the Online Easter Heifer Sale. This sale propably offers the best line-up we ever had in a Online Sale! Selling are: Bons-Holsteins Koba 191 EX-94-NL her Solomon daughter, +2756 GTPI (BB/ A2A2) Kenobi grand daughter of Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-90-USA @ FLUSH AGE, 1st Choice FEMALE sired by CHIEF from the VG-86-FR full sister to Hanna-Vray EX-95-CH & Galys-Vray EX-94-CH, the classwinner Jersey show Swiss Expo 2020, +2852 GTPI Riveting heifer from the Classy's, R&W Reeve-Red daughter from the Bons-Holsteins Aaltje's, FRESH sister to BLUES-RED (+2610 GTPI) and many more. Shop your EASTER presents now and visit WWW.SALE.EUROGENES.COM.
    Read More

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Simply the best: Schönhof's Unix Megabeat (VIDEO)

April 16, 2020 She is simply the best with the Austrian National Champion in her pedigree. Schönhof's Unix Megabeat sells as lot 8 in the Online Easter Heifer Sale which closes tomorrow evening at 9:00 p.m. Megabeat her dam was recently 5th in her class at Swiss Expo and classified with EX-92 in Austria. Her grand dam is the Austrian National Champion '18 & 3rd placed cow Swiss Expo 2020: Schönhof's Sid Mailand EX-94-AT EX-96-MS. She is directly out of 5 generations VG- or EXCELLENT home-bred cows and guarantees you the best what Schönhof Holstein has to offer you! Click furhter for her pictures and a video.   Read More

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Snapshot heifers in Online Easter Heifer Sale

April 16, 2020 We have received some more great pictures of the heifers selling in the Online Easter Heifer Sale. Al-Lew Monterey Ashley EX-90-USA 4yr. her +2756 GTPI / 150 RZG Kenobi grand daughter! Dam is a sister to the GTPI Giant: Mr Frazzled Aristocrat (+2832 GTPI / 1.89 PTAT) - sold for $620,000, backed by 9 generations EXCELLENT Durham Annabell's. A pretty Huey daughter with +2750 GTPI of the PROTEIN QUEEN: Marilyn Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr. who has >13 sons in A.I. and is for over 4 years the #1 RZG heifer or cow in Germany and +2743 GTPI & BB / A2A2 Zekon grand daughter of Marilyn Monroe which her maternal sister sold for 25.000 EUR. Click further for the snapshots.   Read More

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