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Final day of the Online Embryo Sale

July 13, 2018 The last day of the Online Embryo Sale is here, wait no longer and follow the link to the auction! The offerings are really various from SHOW, GENOMICS to Dtr PROVEN, but all the offerings are out of the best of the best families around the world like HAILEY, CRIMSON, ALTITUDE, META, EMERAUDE, CARMEL and many more! Check out all the amazing lots and bid last!   Read More

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First testing Imax dtr of Sabine in index top charts!

July 12, 2018 De Volmer Sabine is the former #1 GTPI heifer in Europa and is currently still on the 6th position in the European GTPI heifer (>9 months old) list with GTPI +2757. Her first testing progeny came back with indexes, from which her Imax daughter DG DV Sabia is the current #3 GTPI Imax daughter in Europe with her preliminary index of 7/18 GTPI +2791 / NM $ 914 - she has an incredible combination between total index and type traits with +2.59 PTAT and almost 3 points on her UDC (udder-index).    Read More

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Lot #1, embryos out of Grand Champion World Dairy Expo!

July 12, 2018 Some really exciting FEMALE Cycle Doorman Jacoby embryos out one of the best show cows in the world are online in the Online Embryo Sale. The embryos are out of a fancy Aftershock daughter which is out of the great show cow RF Goldwyn Hailey EX-97-CAN! Hailey is a show winning Goldwyn daughter which was the Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair & World Dairy Expo in 2012 & 2014. At both shows in 2014 she was Reserve Supreme Champion of the show too! For the real show lovers, this is your opportunity to create your own HAILEY and win shows!! Check out lot number 1 and bid before it’s too late!   Read More

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Honorable Mention Grand Champion for Dueholm @National show!

July 11, 2018 What a day for Dueholm Holsteins during the National Danish Show last week, they took several heifers and cows to the show and had some great results! To begin with the heifers, 2 heifers that were bought through the German Masters Sale 2017 were Mox Solomon Ragstar and KHW Goldina Red, Ragstar won her class and KHW Goldina-Red was 4th in her class, Goldina is the VRC Mogul daughter out the Stoneden Fools Gold Red family. Dueholm Doorman Dorathy was 2nd in the same class as Ragstar, and finally Dueholm Duke Bizou who was first in her class and eventually Honorable Mention Champion of the heifer show!   Read More

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First Col DG SPARK-RED embryos for sale!

July 10, 2018 The first embryos of the R&W RZG giant Col DG SPARK-Red are for sale this auction! Col DG Spark-Red has +162 RZG are out of a Bandares daughter out of the well known Wilder Meta family. Het Banda Melissa is the Bandares daughter with >2500 GTPI and +143 RZG! This family has produced several male family members which went to AI and these embryo combination can add on to that amount. High RZG, Red carrier for sure and backed up by the great Wilder family, lot  number 2!   Read More

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Embryos out of dtr from RF Goldwyn HAILEY Online!

July 9, 2018 A new Online Embryo Sale has started today and it will run untill this Friday July 13th! Some exciting lots are in this sale including FEMALE Jacoby embryos out of a fancy Aftershock daughter of RF Goldwyn Hailey EX-97-USA! Also some really EARLY Col DG SPARK-Red Embryos out of a high transmitting German cowfamily! There are a lot more exctiting embryos online, just follow the link below and check them all out!   Read More

Click to enlarge - TWR Maryline VG-89-LU
Tremendous Armani offspring of Maxima wins in Ettelbrück!

July 5, 2018 TWR Maryline VG-89-LU made her expectations again come true! She shined during the Luxembourg National Show last weekend in Ettelbrück, won her class and became Reserve Intermediate Champion of the show! This fantastic Armani daughter is straight out RH Talent Maxima EX-94-DE. Maxima won multiple titles in Germany and Europe and is also a great transmitter. Her Destry daughters Madame and Madonna were succesfull at the Schau der Besten & her Destry son Mad Max is one of the most used RED daughter proven sires in Germany. Click further for more info and pictures.   Read More

Click to enlarge - Sweet VG-88-DE 3yr.
Fantastic Picanto daughter of JK Eder DG Sweet!

July 5, 2018 Recently the Picanto daughter of JK Eder DG Sweet is pictured in Germany. This incredible cow is sold during the Vekis Spring Sale '14, dam to the #1 Missouri daughter world wide in several indexes (TPI & LPI) and classified with VG-88-DE. Sweet is also the grand dam to the #1 Quantum world wide on TPI & LPI base and produces in her second lactation over 1.200 kg Fat and Protein!! Click further for more info.   Read More

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The highest July heifer in Europe is RED!!!

July 4, 2018 The highest GTPI & NM heifer of the European intermediate run is a RED heifer: Wi-Li-Jo Mod Khloe-Red - sold as an embryo through the Holstein Plaza Internet auction. She is a VRC RED Modesty daughter ouf of the Canadian Islehaven Gold Dancer cow family with GTPI +2862 - (#2 GTPI heifer overall in Europe!). 2 Heifers in the European Top 10 for NM and GTPI this run were both from the same family, DG Blake and DG Barque with DG Blake on the 2nd position in the Net Merit ranking this run, she is a NM $ 991 Frazzled x Delta going back on the All-American and All-Canadian cow Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA!    Read More

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New #1 Net Merit heifer in Europe: DG Eli - NM $ 1045!

July 3, 2018 There is a new #1 Net Merit heifer in Europa: DG Eli with $ 1045 Net Merit in her preliminary index which came back today. DG Eli is one of the very few daughters in Europe of De-Su Spectre, her mother is DG Albero Elise, the full sister of the heavily used sire of sons Eldorado @ AI Total, going back on the American Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda. DG Eli is unique in the World with a combined Fat + Protein index of +197 combined with a high PL (+7.2) and very healthy udders (SCS 2.69) - as well she is one of the highest Feed Efficieny heifers in the breed: FE 274!   Read More

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