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Rockset Faber Rachel EX-95-UK EX-97-MS 3E

(Faber x Integrity)

EX-95 from the August's


Willsbro Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 6, 2002

Production Records

2.01 305d 10.930kgM 4.1% 447F 3.1% 339P
3.08 305d 15.616kgM 4.0% 616F 3.1% 481P
5.04 305d 15.119kgM 4.3% 646F 3.1% 470P


94FR 95DS 97MS 95Fl/ EX-95-UK 3E


  • Her R&W Mr Burns son is at Cogent
  • Red Carrier Shottle son at Genus ABS
  • All her daughters in the UK are VG and she has already 2 Excellent daughters in the UK
  • 9th generation EXCELLENT!
  • Same family as Advent, Jotan, Destry and more
  • Same family as the $ 1.000.000 ONE MILLION Dollar Cow: KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-94!


Willsbro Talent Rachel Red VG-85-UK 2yr. (D.O.B. August 2006)
(s. Ladino Park TALENT)


Rockset Integrity Rachel EX-90-UK
4.06 305d 9.168kgM 3.7% 338F 3.0% 277P
Rockset Jolt Rachel 2 EX-90-UK
3.06 305d 10.721kgM 3.8% 410F 3.4% 360P
  • Awards: SP
  • 2 EX & 4 VG daughter
Second-Look JOLT
Sellcrest No Rachel Red EX-94-USA 2E GMD
2.07 365d 15.404kgM 3.8% 587F 3.1% 478P
3.11 365d 17.373kgM 4.2% 732F 3.1% 537P
5.03 365d 17.327kgM 4.2% 731F 3.2% 563P
6.11 365d 15.690kgM 4.2% 666F 3.2% 499P
  • All-American R&W 4-Yr 1999

Next Dams

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5th Augys Rose Regal-Red EX-90-USA 2E
6th D-R-A August EX-96-USA 4E DOM
7th D-R-A Ideal Precious Leader EX-90-USA 2E
8th D-R-A Princess Lad Leader EX-90-USA 3E

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