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USA | Top 25 PTAT Calves (<9 Months) - 04/23

April 2023
1SHG 5963Dani P x Avalanche *RC x DocWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto24114.782.253.62Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
2WILLSBRO PERENNIALELAYA 4320Perennial x Mirand PP *RC x 1st GradeWilt Fitz Elaya23974.572.303.85Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
3PETO AVENA HAXLHaxl x Moovin *RC x SolomonPeto Frosta 6 Solomon23224.401.693.32Peto Holsteins (ES)
4WILLSBRO CHOICE AMBER 4248Fitters Choice x Millio x FitzRiverdane Shottle Amber23634.361.592.92Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
5SHG 5831Wolfgang P x Avalanche *RC x DocWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto25024.232.163.51Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
6WILLSBRO HULLABALOO ASHLYN 44Fitters Choice x Sidekick x Delta-LambdaWillsbro Goldwyn Sharon Pi25184.212.123.15Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
7SHG 5961Dani P x Avalanche *RC x DocWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto23674.211.702.85Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
83STAR CATHARINAPerennial x Thunder Storm x DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan22964.111.702.943STAR Genetics (NL)
9BWN CAMILLIA 1Fitters Choice x Thunder Storm x UndeniedSilvermaple Damion Camomile21614.102.152.97BWN Holsteins (NL)
10CIAVATTA ZELDA ETHanans x Hacket x CrushtimeToc-Farm Allen Amyly26624.071.913.09Italian Owned
11CHAO PERENNIAL 5352Perennial x Doc x DurhamThiersant Lili Starbuck24014.062.193.20Spanish Owned
1220423Energy x Moovin *RC x DocCarf Emeraude22514.061.762.85German Owned
13WILLSBRO 4621Fitters Choice x Mirand PP *RC x High OctaneGalys-Vray24184.051.953.16Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
14WILLSBRO FIT CHOICE FRIEDA 42Fitters Choice x Sidekick x UndeniedHPH Shottle Malmo23274.032.482.81Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
15HOCZE000535721953Perennial x Upgrade x SolomonBons-Holsteins Koba 19122964.031.372.86Czech Owned (CZE)
16DG BRYSSAHaxl x Haniko x UndeniedGen Bibian25884.021.952.36Diamond Genetics (NL)
17SHG 5962Dani P x Avalanche *RC x DocWinterbay Goldwyn Lotto23844.011.633.00Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
18WILLSBRO MOOI ATLANTA RED 415Mooi P x Tatoo x McGucciKHW Regiment Apple-Red22854.011.513.33Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
19DG BARBELParfect x Haniko x UndeniedGen Bibian28114.002.152.80Diamond Genetics (NL)
205470Hammer x Moovin *RC x CrushOur-Favorite Unlimited22943.971.652.15Stakkehavegaard - SHG Breeding (DK)
21PISTULARIO HAXL ADELAIDAHaxl x Moovin *RC x SolomonMS Kingstead Chief Adeen21583.931.542.38Spanish Owned
224967Nashville x Sidekick x DiamondbackLuck-E Advent Atlanta24973.922.032.83German Owned
23PETO ADRIANA HAXLHaxl x AdmiralPeto Ambar Admiral23223.890.932.51Spanish Owned
2449155Energy x Genie x UnixMS Kingstead Chief Adeen22833.891.232.98German Owned
25PETO ALICIA HAXLHaxl x Moovin *RC x SolomonMS Kingstead Chief Adeen24163.860.922.48Peto Holsteins (ES)


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