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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 05/23

May 2023
1CHORUSIC CHOICE LUCILLE 71Fitters Choice x Maker x DocChorusic Doc Lucille2361- Holsteins (CZE)
2HOESP010308773992Hammer x Haniko x UndeniedMS Kingstead Chief Adeen2388923.780.932.66Spanish Owned
3WILLSBRO CADILLAC LILA Z 4953Cadillac x Radio x Delta-LambdaLylehaven Lila Z27154373.731.772.96Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
4ENCANTO MASTER 874Master x Unstopabull x BeemerKHW Regiment Apple2249-663.711.802.79Encanto Holsteins (ES)
5WILLSBRO DYNASTY BITCOIN 4942Dynasty x Arrow x RaptorRosiers Blexy Goldwyn26934943.661.282.92Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
6PETTON URANYEnergy x Altiude-Red x Jordy-RedKHW Regiment Apple2171-1033.652.052.88EARL Petton (FR)
7HOGBR703714302600Delta-Lambda x Crushabull x AtwoodPinehurst Rhapsody24122043.641.163.07UK Owned
8RIVERDANE ENERGY AMBEREnergy x Milio x AtwoodRiverdane Shottle Amber2128-1673.631.822.73Riverdane Holsteins (UK)
9BAIXO HAMMER MARUXYA IIHammer x Skyhigh x BeemerBaixo Duplex Maruxa I2039-2223.590.732.26Baixo Holsteins (ES)
10ALLPEZZINI HANIKO FLASHBACKHaniko x Skyhigh x ModenaKingboy Fru Fru23311383.580.762.85Allpezzini Holsteins (IT)
11OV DOC EMERAUDE ETDoc x Undenied x BywayCarf Emeraude24742453.571.541.98Spanish Owned
12BAIXO MOOVIN MARUXYAMoovin *RC x Crushabull x BeemerBaixo Duplex Maruxa I1842-4563.561.552.54Baixo Holsteins (ES)
13HOESP040308773713Haxl x Tatoo x BradnickIntegrity Baixo23291113.521.792.53Spanish Owned
14CARRODIANA1716Fitters Choice x Delta-Lambda x AltaCaliburVarro 146124962233.511.762.88Spanish Owned
15HOITA035991243159Fitters Choice x Artist x SneakerAlgran Sterling Nassay2141-1243.451.372.62Italian Owned
16BALAZEIRO LEGEND CRISTALLegend x Undenied x CrushSilvermaple Damion Camomile1917-3343.441.142.57Balazeiro Holsteins (PRT)
17HOESP050308773714Hammer x Crushabull x SolomonPeto-Eloy Frosta 5 Solomon2370973.431.252.56Spanish Owned
18WILLSBRO HULLABALOO PAMMY 493Hullabaloo x Radio x ErvingWindy-Knoll-View Promis27835263.420.852.76Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
19OSTIEUX61 3386Have It All x Haniko x MilleniumCherry26555203.421.572.65France Owned
20WILLSBRO HANANS BAYWATCH 4979Hanans x Sidekick x GoldwynRosiers Blexy Goldwyn24211853.422.112.54Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
21HNOS FUERTES CHOICE CANARIAFitters Choice x Moovin *RC x DelightHnos Fuertes Viky Octane2083-1673.401.992.31Spanish Owned
22HOGBR382334601764Haniko x Sidekick x AftershockTri-Day Ashlyn2326993.371.452.95UK Owned
23CASAS OTTO 620Otto JBT x Applicable x DeleteSpanish family2313413.371.782.36Spanish Owned
24NOARD EASTER FAVORITE 2-ETHanans x Rapid x DocOur-Favorite Unlimited29497993.352.232.06Mts. Feenstra (NL)
25HONLD000696094435Delta-Lambda x DocLena 16826434713.351.472.40Fam. Aalberts (NL)


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