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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 07/23

July 2023
1EDENORDINARY HAMMER PARADISEHammer x Emilio x DoormanVandyk-K Integrity Paradise2292-673.921.362.58Edenordinary Holsteins (UK)
2EDENORDINARY HAMMER PARADISEHammer x Milio x Light My FireVandyk-K Integrity Paradise2210-1543.850.892.69Edenordinary Holsteins (UK)
3CUNDINS BREYA MONINMonin x Alleyoop x DenverCudins Brenda Denver2150-1963.841.692.32Cudins Holsteins (ES)
4EDENORDINARY HAMMER PARADISEHammer x Milio x AllClassVandyk-K Integrity Paradise2292-233.801.192.88Edenordinary Holsteins (UK)
5HOESP011114056949Haxl x Crushabull x SolomonBolleholster Shottle Anya23941123.731.022.62Spanish Owned
65651Wolfgang P x Artist x High OctanePine-Shelter Cheyenne2371413.731.412.87France Owned
7KNIGHTSTONE 1843Fitters Choice x Sidekick x DoormanGlen-Drummond Shower2204-353.701.082.87UK Owned
8PETTON DARBY RCAlpha *RC x Altitude-Red x AtwoodKHW Regiment Apple-Red2214-1083.701.612.78EARL Petton (FR)
9RHALA BARBIE SAWHammer x Arrow x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara24401843.551.442.46Rhala Holsteins (NL)
10ROTA CADILLAC BAILEYCadillac x Doorman x AtwoodRota Doorman Beverly23881193.501.602.66Italian Owned
11JBL ULINE 1089Delta-Lambda x Artist x AtwoodSilvermaple Damion Camomille23942113.411.473.37France Owned
125655Keypad x Crushtime x AftershockFrance family2194-503.361.192.37France Owned
1387725Allgaud x Moovin *RC x UndeniedWalnutlawn McCutchen Summer23892063.351.572.17German Owned
14WILLSBRO LUSTER AMBER 5158Luster P x Miami x AtwoodRiverdane Shottle Amber26524593.342.061.98Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
15RHALA BARBIE DRILLHammer x Arrow x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara24742313.341.282.19Rhala Holsteins (NL)
16BABY-REDArcher-Red x Altitude-Red x Avalanche *RCRosiers Blexy Goldwyn1879-4123.341.502.67German Owned
17DG LOUISEDynasty x Mitchell x DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan30267683.331.532.60Diamond Genetics (NL)
18CHORUSIC FITTERS SARA 23Fitters Choice x Apply x ImpressionChorusic Apply Sara2338933.301.942.89Chorusic Holsteins
19HOITA098990894870Nashville x King Doc x BradnickToc-Farm Allen Amyly26314613.282.242.51Italian Owned
20HOBEL000521391226Hanans x Backflip x TatooBelgium owned23611483.281.552.23Belgium Owned
21WILLSBRO DYNASTY AMBER 5113Dynasty x King Doc x FlowriderRiverdane Shottle Amber29507803.271.142.74Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
22WILLSBRO LUSTER ASHLYN 5171Luster P x Tropic x TarrinoTri-Day Ashlyn27865803.261.832.67Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
23JB TOULLEC UZLLLE PHave It All x King Doc x ImolaCapj Cherry26755033.261.802.39GAEC Toullec (FR)
24HOESP000109357666Milio x Gold Chip x ExpanderSpanish family2009-2573.251.392.45Spanish Owned
25MILKMEN 3544508450King Doc x AltaHotjob x DelightVilma25142983.221.582.31Milkmen (HU)


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