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USA - Top 25 Dropbox dtrs in Europe 04/24

April 2024
1C&D Dropbox PerfectionDropbox x Parfect x RapidRabur Outside Pandora31859323,582,721,48Diamond Genetics (NL)
2C&D Dropbox PinkDropbox x Parfect x RapidRabur Outside Pandora30748173,462,781,48Antonio Campos (PRT)
3C&D Dropbox Pasta 24Dropbox x Parfect x RapidRabur Outside Pandora30448193,023,100,93Antonio Campos (PRT)
4HONLD000693773896Dropbox x Captain x SolutionCookiecutter MOM Halo303710092,372,090,64Dutch Owned
5Eba UnityDropbox x Pairing x AristocratEBA Netty30348642,972,831,07EBA Holsteins (FR)
6C&D Dropbox PiperDropbox x Parfect x RapidRabur Outside Pandora30337823,082,821,35Antonio Campos (PRT)
7HONLD000928934867Dropbox x Renegade x DocRegancrest Chassity30298952,822,171,29Fam. Wiers (NL)
8AmenaDropbox x Improbable x MarkGold-N-Oaks Arabell30268373,472,900,67Swiss Owned
9S.J.K 7429Dropbox x Logistics x King RoyalCookiecutter MOM Halo30248712,592,351,76Dutch Owned
10C&D Dropbox PartyDropbox x Parfect x RapidRabur Outside Pandora30168123,23,030,86Antonio Campos (PRT)
11Willsbro 5743Dropbox x Have It All x RapidMD-Delight Durham Atlee30138862,912,550,99Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
12HONLD000928935048Dropbox x Hanans x Rapid30118313,742,661,48Fam. Wiers (NL)
13Eba UmekiDropbox x Pairing x AristocratEBA Netty30088203,112,911,27EBA Holsteins (FR)
14A-L-H Db HattieDropbox x Conway x DocS-S-I Doc Have Not 878430068463,052,831,15German Owned
15Dg CampioneDropbox x Mitchell x DocLarcrest Cosmopolitan30058182,902,240,97Diamond Genetics (NL)
16Willsbro Rozelle 5761Dropbox x Delta-Lambda x MitchellDiepenhoek Rozelle30018612,993,070,83Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
17Willsbro Dropbox Sharon 5827Dropbox x Davinci x Delta-LambdaSmiddiehill Goldwyn Sharon29997783,843,081,45Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
18Eiras Dropbox BrianaDropbox x Parfect x Delta-LambdaCookiecutter MOM Hue29958592,582,341,01Spanish Owned
19Eiras Dropbox DafneDropbox x Tropic x DocS-S-I Doc Have Not 878329937842,982,301,26Spanish Owned
20Riverdane Have NotDropbox x Parfect x DocS-S-I Doc Have Not 878429927972,992,861,30Riverdane Holsteins (UK)
21Koepon Dropbox Range 253Dropbox x Parfect x MarkGolden Oaks Mark Prudence29908012,822,781,57Koepon Genetics (NL)
22UhornDropbox x Jazz x CharlCookiecutter MOM Hue29899472,432,510,6France Owned
23Willsbro Rozelle 5751Dropbox x Delta-Lambda x MitchellDiepenhoek Rozelle29887982,992,541,17Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
24Willsbro Dropbox Adina 5833Dropbox x Davinci x MitchellKHW Goldwyn Aiko29887552,982,481,39Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
25Tec Perrrito Dropbox Heidi ETDropbox x Parfect x DocS-S-I Doc Have Not 878429867353,123,071,44Spanish Owned


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